Working Muscles Using Items You Have at Home

If you want to train outside the gym and you do not have dumbbells, machines or other objects do you want to invest in them, we encourage you to not stop trying, because you can work the muscles using items you have at home. Here are some ideas to start exercising.

Everything serves to train at home

You have already proven that you can not just work the body using a pair of dumbbells or sophisticated machines in a gym, but we can also set in motion the muscles with daily activities and elements easily find around us.

Doing housework, lift chairs, moving furniture or chairs or move heavy shopping bags also activate your muscles and contribute to its work. However, although all serve to exercise outside of the gym, the key is to schedule and plan a routine of movements to get good results.

You can use from a ladder and a towel to furniture and household items that serve to load and move, but you should always try to have an order and a plan to follow to achieve a good workout at home, with elements easily find on it.

Household items for lifting

Replacing a pair of dumbbells or a bar, you can uses various elements are in every house are some examples that we can give to you the muscles you exercising the same way as in the gym are:

  • Use bottles filled with water or sand as a dumbbell, choosing bottles of different sizes have different weights.
  • Take load bags inside, especially useful for deadweight where the weight should fall when we took her hands.
  • Lift water buckets when we need to work with higher loads.
  • Use books to replace heavy dumbbells.
  • Use bags of flour or other foods that can easily quantified because all weigh 500 grams or 1 kilo and adding can achieve relatively accurate charge to work the muscles.

In addition to these elements that are located in every house easily, we can also use items to replace the ones we use in a gym as a support for working muscles, for example:

  • Steps relatively low to support the legs or hands and raise the body to perform for example, declined bending.
  • Chairs or benches for resting your hands, to jump on them or to support the legs while performing certain movements.
  • Brooms we can use support, as a bar or as an element in mobilizing and work different muscles.
  • Towel or carpet, you can use it to support on the ground and perform movements requiring to be lying. The towel can also be used for other movements.

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