Working Biceps in Bench or Standing

For many of us there is an eternal work to get strong and toned arms. Achieving an acceptable size and strength is not an easy task in many cases. It is therefore important to know the benefits it provides the means in which we do biceps exercises, and it will determine much of the training development and effectiveness.

Among the activities that we do to strengthen the biceps, most develop on a bench or standing; after other variables come into play as the equipment that we use to run the exercise, or the pose. Anyway, it’s important to know the advantages of one or another form of work.

We have repeatedly commented on the uniqueness of the biceps, and it is a small muscle that we should not burn too much, because we never get to increase their volume. It is therefore important to choose the right exercises and more results we provide, and we have to be direct and not tire you with interminable routines.

Knowing the advantages of working in one way or another is essential. If we make the standing exercises we have more possibilities to innovate, and that having more freedom of movement than a bank allows us to use plenty of grips, from the rings, straight bars, ropes … We can also take different positions to concentrate more or less force in the biceps.

This excessive exercise freedom allows us standing biceps training is also going to play against us, and which is linked to excessive mobility in many cases does not properly work the biceps, because we tend to take positions incorrect in which we help with other parts of the body to lift the weight, we bow back, elbows separate body … This is all that is subtracted intensity exercise and posture forcing us to risk of injury that entails.

To successfully execute the standing bicep exercises is always important to control the position and not use excessive loads that have to be overcome by helping other parts of the body. Instead, work bench is corseted, as we always have to adapt to this environment, but this is going to provide more stability in every movement. It’s a good way to better isolate the biceps and other muscles that help to minimize time to decide the desired impact.

Of course, both forms of training the biceps are completely valid, so we have to alternate them or combine them into their training routine. We just have to stay focused on the work and we will keep other muscles come into the picture. It is essential to getting the most and make slow repetitions to achieve greater impact in every movement.

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