Why Do Not You Put More in the Squat?

Those who are fans of this highly beneficial for core and lower body exercise tend to think that it is generally for vagrancy, but can you hide something behind that average repetition?

Yes, it is very possible that it is a problem of mobility in certain joints, and can identify carefully observing the execution of the exercise. This is a job that personal trainers make in every move: identify the weak links in the various movements. And where are these weak links in the squat?

The two joint weaknesses when performing a squat usually found in the ankle and hip. If we have a good ROM (range of movement) of these joints, movement execution will be incomplete or deficient.

Ankle dorsiflexion

If we do not have good mobility of the ankle joint, in this case the tibia closer to the toes, is very likely to occur two things. The first is that the weight you are moving to move forward with the corresponding lumbar risk. The second is that our knees, instead of keeping in line with the toes, moving inward.

The first thing to do is find out why our mobility is reduced: usually due to muscle shortening in the posterior tibial and flexor of the fingers, but can also be caused by poorly cured strains.

Flexion and internal rotation of hip

The other most common when running a squat weak link is the lack of mobility in the hip joint; we can observe that it tends to raise the heels. In the case of poor flexion is usually due to shortened hip flexors, so we will focus on stretching them.

In the case of internal rotation of the hip, we come in handy some yoga postures especially dedicated to the opening of hips and the stretching tensor fascia lata, gluteus minimus and gluteus medius, which are the involved in this movement.

Other problems that may prevent us perform the squat correctly can be a bad body alignment, weak core, poor thoracic mobility, poor weight set, a starting position shoddy… Look around you and try to discover why people do not go down.

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