Whey Protein Before Training

One issue that is quite interesting for those who are beginning to train is to ask what would be the best time to take your whey protein. Clear that 99% of coaching friends might say it’s in the post-workout and cited the famous “window of opportunity” that opens after each training session. This is because the body better absorb the protein in this range.

If a high glycemic carbohydrate whey protein accompanies much better because then it would help bring in muscle protein. This is questionable and it is real because it works for everyone who train hard but have some doubts in the scientific literature and many versions is generally agreed that we recommend.

However, studies are constantly updating and scientists are always required to prove that their study is current and accurate, so it is only necessary to be aware and know monitor results and select which is the best option for everyone, then one study that may be controversial, but necessary to discern together in the gym.

Eating protein in the post-training

A study published in 2001 investigated the importance of the period protein intake for muscle hypertrophy where 30 very elderly men were divided into two groups; members of one of the groups ate protein immediately after training, the other group consumed protein 2 hours after training; consumed compound containing 10 g of protein, 7 g carbohydrate and 3 g of fat, and both groups participated in a training program of strength training that lasted 12 weeks.

Individuals taking the protein supplement immediately after exercise experienced gains in the quadriceps muscle and increased dynamic strength (46%) and isokinetic (15%). The members of the other group only experienced dynamic strength gains (36%). The authors of the study concluded that consuming protein immediately after training is important to promote muscle hypertrophy.

Eating protein in the pre and post-training

In a related study demonstrate that make this argument increases lean muscle mass and glycogen stores, the volunteers were divided into two groups, one group consumed a compound containing protein, creatine and glucose immediately before and after training, the other group consumed the same compound of morning and late afternoon and all participants followed a strength training program for 6 months.

The group consuming the supplements on the post and pre-recorded training a greater increase in muscle mass and an increase in reserves of creatine and muscle glycogen compared to the group that consumed the supplement morning and evening. Also another very recent study showed that taking protein before strength training is best for those who want to burn fat more quickly.

The protein increases the resting energy expenditure, which is the energy the body spends to perform its physiological functions during the period of non-activity, in short, means more energy expended metabolism is faster, and therefore more fat is being burned.

Then this may be valid also for muscle definition periods, concluding that it is better to try a pre-workout shake and another immediately after training to speed recovery and muscle growth to achieve desired. It is worth remembering that it is suitable for practitioners of bodybuilding take six to seven meals per day, with protein at all meals.

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