What to Do to Build Muscle

The muscle mass declines with age, and when this happens, the lost muscle is replaced by fat, resulting in weight gain.

The strength training, even as little as 15 minutes a day, will help to maintain and increase muscle in the body. Such activity also helps develop bones strong and reduce the risk of problems with bone density, as osteoporosis.

Work your major muscle groups, including the hips, abs, legs, arms, and chest and back, you can use resistance bands, free weights or your own body weight to tone muscle groups.

Use a circuit training to make it more effective for 15 minutes. Circuit training burns 30% more calories than traditional strength training exercises. Begins with a toning exercise as the classic squats, alternating with a cardiovascular activity, such as jump rope, during several minutes and each new circuit, selects a new strength training exercise, to make it less tedious.

Choose an activity that burns calories, to get the most out of your sessions of 15 minutes. For example, walk about 3 km/hr burning 183 cal/hour, to increase the intensity can make jogging and calorie burn increases to 584 cal/h. Other activities that burn calories include jumps, skating and swimming.

It is important to strength training train, both top and bottom at least twice a week. As build muscle, your body will continue burning calories, even after a session of workout is complete.

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