We Prioritize Quality Training to the Amount

One of the main objectives that we have all that we went to the gym to train is to bring make our muscles grow and develop while we get strength and dexterity. This is the end of training but often the means to achieve it are not the most suitable. So this time let’s consider one of the main conflicts we have all that we went to the gym to work our muscles, and often go faster in the development of the different exercises in the muscles themselves.

Surely more than one occasion we have seen many people in the gym who have recently started exercising and using very high loads, a weight that can and will determine the future development of your body. It is therefore important to have a number of basics when it comes to training, but not only people who start, but we train every day, because with the passage of time and the confidence we often make mistakes that can happen to us invoice time.

Listening to our bodies

First of all it is important to know that each person has a number of physical characteristics that must be engaged when we train. Learn to listen to our body is essential to control different levels of perfection that is our body. Nobody better than we know how far we can get, and therefore the solution is not to force the time to get a good result. The body and especially the muscles must be continuous and progressive development. Never development must be immediate, so training must conform to this maximum.

Quality vs quantity

In the training process should always be based on quality of exercise for the same amount. This means that it is imperative that the routine is developed in the best way possible for our muscles. Caring for the proper execution of each exercise, the proper stance to avoid hurting ourselves is key when it comes to getting a good result. If we do not do so the risk of injury and acquire bad posture and exercise performance is high, since exercise is not performing normally in no time.

Perform an exercise with the inadequate weight will bring about in other muscles auxiliary support that end will cause the voltage deviates from the working portion, thus making the exercise lose effectiveness. Above all we must be realistic and know where we can go with the features of our body. Force will not help too much as muscle development which should not be, but end up working other body parts that have nothing to do with the ones we’re focusing and we want to lead.

This needs to have it in mind. This is not to say that we should not strive in training, but on the contrary, it is always necessary to maximize our muscles if we want a perfect development of the fibers that compose them. This means that we will start with nothing improper charges because we train certainly not good, but simply be doing an exercise like we should, but not equal, causing the muscles to be trained in an inappropriate manner.

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