Use an Elliptical Properly

Use an Elliptical Properly

In recent years, the elliptical has become the appliance of home fitness to be absolutely at home. It appeals to athletes because of its simplicity of use and efficiency. Ideal for sports at home, it is also essential in the gym. Virtually all the body muscles can be worked with this one machine, regardless of the chosen type of elliptical.

Compromise between rowing and cycling of the apartment, the elliptical trainer can not only beef up almost all the muscles and lose weight, but it also benefits the heart and blood circulation. To maintain a simple form for a training event, the elliptical is the “instrument ideal weight”. Appeared on the market two or three years, the elliptical was a huge success.

Presentation of the elliptical

The elliptical trainer is a mix of apartments cycling and rowing. Indeed, it allows you to pedal while moving the arms with the handlebars connected to the pedals. Its name comes because it allows the user to movements in the form of ellipse. These movements perfectly mimic those of a person running around. The only difference with the real running is that with the elliptical, the joints are not at risk of damage.

The use of the elliptical trainer to tone allows whole body since about 80% of the working muscles. It is also possible to target a specific part of the body that we want to work by selecting the corresponding program. It is a good way to remove subcutaneous fat and lose weight. The other advantage of the elliptical trainer is its positive effect on the respiratory and heart system. All these benefits are possible through the elliptical trainer provided to train regularly.

Resistance: the first criterion for the elliptical

Before choosing an elliptical trainer, it is important to know the different characteristics that compose this kind of devices. There are three categories of elliptical on the market. This classification is made according to the type of resistance used. Thus you have bicycles resistance strap, magnetic and electromagnetic. The resistance of the bike strap depends on the compression of the wheel inertia by a strap.

This system is not very efficient because there are nasty rumors of friction during use; the strap has a short lifespan and resistance is not very fluid. The magnetic resistance is the most commonly used. They are the magnets around the wheel of inertia that control resistance; it is therefore not wear and noise.

There are also models with motorized magnetic resistance. An engine makes it possible to more precisely regulate the resistance by moving closer or magnets. The elliptical electromagnetic resistance is more complex, since it is electric power sector or produced by the pedaling motion that manages the resistance. This system has a function ergometer that calculates the power of the user, and has many programs.

Other features on the elliptical

The proposed programs are also a factor to consider in choosing an elliptical. There are several: incentive programs, conventional, pulse-control, and customizable watts. The user must follow the rhythm displays on the screen by pedaling faster or slower for incentive programs and classic. The difference is that the classical program automatically varies the resistance to change so that difficulty with the incentive program, it is up to the user to change the resistance. Programs watts and pulse-control include heart rate in their operation.

The pulse-control program automatically adapts the resistance of the bike for that user’s heart rate remains constant. The watts program is available with the ergometer function since it shows you the power to provide for training taking into account your age, weight and heart rate. Finally, custom programs allow you to create your own exercises. There are many others features that may be on different models of elliptical and can make their choice. At the handlebars, you can have a handlebar connected to the pedals, or fixed or both. Models offer adjustable pedals and different kinds of pulse sensors.

Tips of use of the elliptical

While the elliptical does not require specific training is still important to follow some tips. As with any sport, it is recommended to warm up before you start, incentive programs are ideal for this. The body must be kept straight throughout the drive immediately. For the exercises to be effective, must still do it regularly and over a sufficiently long period. The ideal is to practice the elliptical one hour at a steady pace or at least 40 minutes if you want to lose calories. Of course, everything depends on the target set by the user. To tone up or do cardio for example, it is preferable to short sessions but with a strong resistance.

The user can also increase the difficulty of training by playing on the inclination of the foot rests. The back pedaling is a technique for those wanting to emphasize the back of the thighs and buttocks. Proper use of the handlebars is also important, because the handlebars fixed improves the work of the calves, buttocks and thighs, while moving the handlebars worked the upper body. Finally, when the workout is over, you should do some stretching movements and relaxation.

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