Two Places to Tone our Body Outdoors without Spending Anything

The arrival of spring makes temperatures rise and the desire to do the same sport. For this reason there are many people who choose to go outside to exercise. A classic in these cases is the realization of career as an activity to improve our health at this time of the year. Nevertheless, many people who want to keep toning your muscles no longer train with weights indoors. On this occasion we want to give some advice to be able to go out and toning our body outside.

Generally the muscular work is usually performed at training facilities equipped for this purpose. Muscle hypertrophy will be achieved through the use of fillers we use in specific exercises for each part of the body. This is what forces us to remain locked as we train. To this end we propose to undertake toning exercises hypertrophy and abroad, and we will use two environments, urban gyms and parks for seniors.

In our cities we have many facilities that are within our service to improve our performance and give us more things when playing sports. We must not forget that in this day and age, these facilities will be of great help when it comes to saving money and getting our bodies grow and work without spending one euro on it. For this reason we must not despise these facilities, but our routines to adapt them and thus make a profit.

Parks for adults

First let’s stop the parks we found for adults in our cities. At first glance they look playground, moreover, are usually located next to the playground where children play. These parks are designed for seniors. Machines are through the action of its own body weight and work different muscle groups.

Really these parks are designed for older people to maintain their mobility, but we can use when getting not lose muscle tone and our body work outdoors. It is true that we will not achieve much progress or hypertrophy in the same way we do when training loads, but it will be a good way to keep toned without spending anything.

Urban gyms

Another option we have at our disposal is the urban gyms that we are in recreational areas or parks. These gyms are usually wood or metal and are formed by parallel bars, wall and a series of platforms arranged inclined or horizontally as in the case of a bank. All of them allow us to perform different exercises like pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups … using our own weight to work.

True, as with the older parks, urban gyms do not allow us to a spectacular development of muscles unless waive ourselves our own tricks like using dumbbells that we can use on banks or hung with a drag when making or bending dominated. Training in this way will help us achieve a perfectly toned muscle while enjoying the outdoors, and all without spending anything.

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