Training the Quadriceps: Sissy

This exercise is intended only for lovers of true heavy metal bodybuilding, and is not suitable for all audiences because of the cost of the exercise. Undoubtedly, the sissy squat is designed for those who already have an advanced level of iron in it, and are still experimental.

It is one of the exercises that most directly attack the quadriceps in isolation, but it is also true that it is a sufficiently aggressive exercise to do not always. The attack is vertical to the quadriceps, knees causes more suffering than allowed and healthy is not surprising that there is a high wear meniscus.

Thus, it is advisable to take this exercise routinely. But it is wise to use it from time to time due to its direct and ruthlessly attack the quadriceps.

Sissy Squat

First, we need to get hold of a disc, in principle, not too heavy to test us. Then look for a bar that is halfway up and help us to hang on to a hand. Fully placed with feet straight in front, holding the disc with one hand against your chest, and the other clinging to the support, bend your legs at the knees bringing them forward.

The end of the year is marked when our feet are on tiptoes, due to the action of the legs forward, particularly at the knees. Yes, actually hurts just thinking about it, but in just a few seconds you’ll notice the bloody waterfall rushes into your thigh as if it were open prey.

Once you have come way down, touch up. And this we will quietly collecting the quadriceps to return to the natural position. And do not worry, because it is not you to go to do very quickly.

It is indeed a hyper-aggressive exercise for the knees, but introducing it into your routine from time to time, can achieve huge profits for your starving quadriceps. After a month, we assure you that you’ll notice the difference and will you be pleased with the result.

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