Training of the Shoulders

Shoulders are in charge of linking the arm to the torso, are formed by the deltoid muscle that connects the arm with the muscles of the back of the neck and chest.

The deltoid is made up of three heads: the posterior deltoid, middle and anterior, each centered with the party to which it is integrated. Therefore, each part of the muscle will be involved in the movement, as required; this gives great strength and shoulder range of motion. 

The shoulders will participate due to its position in almost all the specific exercises for different parts of the body. This makes a comprehensive program compared to not take them into account. But to fortify and increase its volume, will require a routine centered on the deltoid muscle because this will have far less work to develop other areas like the chest and back.

Specific exercises for the shoulders

Some exercises focusing on the deltoid muscle are the military press or lateral raise.

Military press

This exercise can be performed in different positions wrists, palms forward, extending or rotating opposing elbows up. The arms hold the dumbbells to shoulder height and from there you raise your arms, exerting force from the shoulders. The torso should be straight with shoulders back, feet parallel.

This exercise can be standing with knees slightly bent or sit. They are recommended three sets of 10 repetitions.

Front and side elevations

Stand with your back straight, hold the dumbbells and raise arms out to sides to shoulder height. Similarly we can raise the dumbbells to the front. We will do three sets of 15 repetitions.

Side elevation incline bench

We can do the exercise on an incline bench 30 or 40 degrees. We work one arm at a time and place it free arm under the neck. We raise the arm until it is perpendicular to the trunk and let it drop to side. We will do three sets of 10-12 repetitions.

Before starting the exercises will make a warming about to put the muscles. One way to avoid stagnation insert series is more or less weight can also vary the routine. For men use small loads, according to their muscle group.

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