Train your Biceps in Different Ways

When we usually train biceps falling into a routine and a lack of ideas to change the tables we have set. It is important not to ponds, and we must seek alternatives to traditional exercises. We’ll offer two options to increase the volume of the biceps muscle out of the routine.

These exercises are based on typical that we use to train biceps, but simply changing the angle running and posture can get some great results in the long run you’ll notice in our arms. It is important to bear in mind that we perform them correctly as possible in influencing the trained, since the concentration is essential to achieving our goals.

The first exercise of the basis of what is called standing biceps curl downs, but in this case we will lie down, so that the tilt when doing the exercise will vary as the impact on biceps is going to be higher since maintaining can not push us back against her. This year we will carry out the machinery to make the paddle back, so we’re going to run through the pulley.

To carry out this exercise by placing a straight bar on the rowing machine. We must place grabbing the bar with both hands and lying on your back with your back against the seat of the machine and the leg forward so that our arms are outstretched grasping the grip. In this position, and elbows sticking to the trunk weight must raise their hands to our face. It is important to feel the tension on the biceps as the muscle is completely isolated. It is recommended that four sets of twelve, ten, eight and six respectively by increasing the weight series.

Another recommended exercise to improve the tone of the biceps is the bicep curl a hand pulley. Usually we usually do this exercise by standing and facing the pulley. The route in this case is not so long, so there is a variation of this exercise is to get back to the pulley and put his arm all the way backing to split more intense the exercise and influence the most in the biceps.

This exercise will make a hand pulley. We will post back to the pulley arm straight down and the elbows close to the trunk with the body forward and pulled back his arm. In this position lift the weight without moving the arm, simply bending the elbow and propelled with the biceps. It is important to concentrate on the pressure worked. We perform four sets of twelve, ten, eight and six repetitions on each arm.

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