Tips to Increase the Tension to Work the Biceps

In search of a more defined muscles and strong there are many actions we performed. Muscular work with weights is the most common way that we strengthen the muscles and acquire a good way. This is precisely what we do when working the biceps, which is that there are at our disposal a wealth of exercises to work this part of the body. So this time we will stop in different ways to perform the exercises to focus the most. 

As mentioned on previous occasions, the biceps work, like that of other muscles, muscle requires great concentration to give the fibers the voltage needed to encourage them to grow and increase their strength and volume. In the case of biceps have an added problem when concentrated, which as a rule tends to arch the back to give us momentum, thus diverting some of the tension that would accumulate in these muscles. So let’s see how we can solve this.

First of all we need to know that the tension when we biceps should be concentrated in this part. Forward voltage is typically a sign that we are lifting the weight is not right or the exercise we are doing does not fit our needs. It is therefore necessary that we adjust to all the charges for a proper routine, and we can have a number of tricks that will help us manage stress and find it on the biceps in order to work them properly.

Training on a bench

At our disposal we have a number of options to control the tension and concentrate on the biceps. First we will recommend the bicep exercises on a bench. That is, what we will support the inside of the forearm in the bank to control the movement and avoid involving other muscles. When performing the exercise in this way, simply intervene biceps, so we need to be sensitive to charges that we will use at all times.

Lean on the wall

Another way to get a higher concentration in the muscle of the biceps is by performing different exercises with free weights biceps against the wall. What tends to happen when we do lifts and biceps contractions with free weight without relying on any surface is that we tend to arch your back and push us to it, distorting the results of the exercise and not contracting properly.

To prevent oscillation and the arching of the back does not allow us to develop our biceps properly, that we will support your back in a straight wall that allows us to completely normally the different movements involved a biceps exercise. Performing these exercises against the wall prevents perform twists back, and that we help with the same exercise when our arms.

Support the back on a bench

Another variant to perform biceps exercises with the back is to do it sitting on a bench with your back against the back of it, or just back off if we control our movements perfectly. This allows us to perform the different exercises biceps without even arch your back and muscle tension without diverting to other parts of the body. It is a good way to concentrate while we have full freedom to perform the various movements that make up each year.

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