Three Commandments for an Anabolic Nutrition

Independent of how it continue a certain diet there are some commandments that when done consistently can position the practitioner of fitness on track for muscle hypertrophy. It is important to note that sports nutrition is the foundation to build the most important phenomenal physical to show for the summer and accompanied by good training and adequate rest close that powerful equation that prompts us to be motivated every day.

1. Water is essential

It is repetitive to mention this but many people still let in water intake, the vital fluid is essential for the body and even a small drop in their levels can affect the performance in training.

Many people give more importance to the supplements and the best workout of the day, but forget something as simple and important as water intake, but if the water had the same priority as other things, many people would have better muscle gains.

2. Avoid simple carbohydrates:

Simple carbohydrates are quickly absorbed by the body and drastically increase the amount of glucose in the blood; consequently it generated a peak of insulin to control sugar levels in the blood.

From there, the only two destinations glucose, or glycogen and become a source of energy or stored as fat. When the body does not need more glucose it is only going to accumulate body fat, therefore the excessive intake of simple carbohydrates sends a message to the body to begin to gaining weight.

To avoid this situation, you can use complex carbohydrates, which do not cause as high a response of insulin and these are slowly absorbed by the body, promoting a gradual, steady stream of energy.

3. Eating before training:

Diet can be a waste but it will be garbage if the practitioner does not feed properly before workouts. There is no point investing in the gym and buy expensive supplements if the most important times of the day the fitness practitioner does not feed properly.

You can not train heavy and surpass the limits (the minimum needed to generate hypertrophy) if the body is stealing muscle mass for energy.

It is important to eat a good meal 2 hours before training with protein and complex carbohydrates, 30 minutes before another meal can be consumed or until liquid light which may include oatmeal, milk or a protein supplement, in the case of training the wake is can take advantage of a liquid meal that just adding more carbohydrates and other nutrients.

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