The Risk of Abdominal Exercises with Loads

The abdominals are one of the stars among all parties that we go to the gym to train, and that most of us look to good definition in this area by toning the muscles that make up and burning fats the lining and prevent noticeable. This will make plenty of exercises, among which are those who use loads that will go to the part of the neck. In this post we want to go deeper into these exercises.

When working the abs, there are many techniques and exercises available to us, and so there are plenty of ways to get the correct tone. It is true that exercise coupled with diet and aerobic exercise, is essential to achieve the objectives.

Nevertheless, there are some exercises that are somewhat controversial because of the way in which they run. One of the most discussed are the periods in which load is used for execution and it is placed on the side of the neck to affect the abs.

Different weight exercises behind the neck

When performing crunches with weight normally we usually place loads on the neck, particularly in the cervical. The weight placement can be done in different ways, the most common being placing a disc directly, and grab it with your hands to lift the trunk through the abdominal action. Another way to position the weight is through the use of pulleys we tighter in the cervical part, or using a machine where one of the axes of the exercise and the support is the cervical part. With all these exercises we run some risks.

It is true that doing abs so much we can control stress, and using this voltage loads increase, achieving greater toning at the worked. It is true that for many people this way of training is the best ever, but the risks we are high, because we can get more damage than we thought. Keep in mind that adding weight is not always the solution, precisely because it is not what we get to have a flat stomach and well toned.

A bulging belly

By training our body and loads these exercises what we will achieve greater development of muscle fibers that make up the abdomen. This will entail an increase of the same, making the belly look bulkier. This is not what we look for when we do sit-ups, so this way of training is not the most appropriate.

Not just perform this way develop abdominal muscles of this part in a way unusual, but the greater the risk we run when these exercises, because by using the motion loads shall be subject greatly, not to be unnatural. The weight may cause that we wander the exercise tension and instead of concentrating on the abdomen refer it to other parts as the lumbar or cervical area. This offset voltage can have consequences as pain in this body part.

First of all we need to take this into account when opt for this type of exercise, since the risk may be greater than the benefit. Therefore we will recommend exercises without charges, much less applied in the cervical. Choose exercises that do not use loads and concentrate all the tension in the abdomen is essential for better development of this part safely.


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