The Rest Pause Method and Its Characteristics

This technique is a favorite among competitive bodybuilders who train alone or with a partner, in itself, is a method that helps to increase the intensity so you can take advantage of creatine phosphate (CP) system, which is responsible power supply for powerful explosions in the muscle fibers as sprints or explosive series (low reps) and although the CP lasts only briefly, thankfully replenished during periods of rest very quickly. 

With rest pause technique is trained briefly with quite a burden, and then rest for a very brief period, and then re-train, then rest again, repeating this sequence over and over, basically, it allows complete more reps with a given weight that doing the same thing as two traditional series because when the CP system while it applies the technique allows working more intensely target muscle, but resting before reaching the decision, taking advantage of the body’s ability to quickly replenish energy.

Really this is no more than 15 to 20 seconds, but with this replacement power series can be restarted after regaining forces, then the more power you have, the more reps you can perform in a given period of time, causing the muscles grow in response.

How to use the rest pause technique

While loading and rest periods may vary, it is suggested to choose a weight that does fail between 6-7 reps, but only perform 3-4 reps and you feel as if you have not reached muscle failure, but is the right time to rest for 15-20 seconds to repeat the other 3-4 repetitions.

By following the cadence as often as possible to the body and mind until you can do 3 reps, chain achieved a series of stimuli that is divided into several small segments that constitute a single series of rest-pause, in which If for example you can make 4 small sets of 3-4 repetitions at a time amounting to 12 to 16 reps with a weight that would have caused the failure of 7 reps.

You can also use the rest-pause technique at different intensities, can be used initially to 6-7 RM which is a pretty heavy weight, but then you can use a 10 RM weight, or a weight to reach 12 RM, in which case the total number of repetitions in a given series will significantly increase the muscular pumping.

On the other hand the rest-pause is applicable to most machines and equipment, in which case it may not be the best choice to perform the workout with dumbbells or bars, because getting move cargo from one place to another takes time and effort.

While some bodybuilders are strong supporters of this technique, currently the rest-pause is used to very high levels of intensity with heavy weights, which can lead to over-training, then to achieve the body and stimulate the nervous system, must rest, feeding the body with essential nutrients and practicing relaxation activities over a period of several weeks.

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