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The Perfect Progression: Machines to Free Weights

One of the most important principles when training is the progression: each macrocycle training should be regulated by a progression, both loads and in the difficulty of the exercise. Do you know what the correct progression that we must follow to get from machines to free weight?

When we started in the gym it is natural to start training with the machines. This reflects a very logical reason: the first days of training we devote to learn the art of movements that want to train. After learning the correct technique we can continue the progression and move to freer and multi-joint movements, usually performed in free weight, we will work on a global basis.

The guided machinery must be our priority the beginning of our training, as they help us to isolate muscles and perform a controlled movement. The “downside” of the machines work is that we provide freedom of movement: always exercise the same route and is performed in the same plane, usually horizontal or vertical.


The concentration is important when working on machines, and we must be aware of the muscles that are working to enable correct neuromuscular connections. These will help us recognize the muscles to activate when we do the same exercise with other media such as pulleys.

The next step is the training pulleys, where the movement is still guided, to a lesser extent. The pulleys work requires us good stabilization and allows exercise at different levels: the most important is the transverse plane, which hosts the rotational movements, which are the most common in our daily lives.

Once completely dominated the art can move to free weight work, characterized by movements allow us to make totally free. Free weight training in stabilizing our body depends only on us: for exercises correctly and safely we must have a strong middle section, as it is responsible for our balance.

In addition, work with dumbbells and barbells allows us functional exercises and multijoint involving not isolated muscles, but muscle long chains much more complex to control.

A further step in the progression of difficulty would perform the exercise with an element that creates instability or withdrawing support. Using TRX, Bosu, fitball or similar means imply a full activation of our core to stay stable while performing the exercises.

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