The Percentage of Fat and Muscle Mass Gains

Almost everyone who goes to the gym aiming to gain muscle mass know to gain weight, bodybuilders call this phase “bulk” or “clean bulk” that determines the period of time that is consumed more food-calories and many believe that the higher weight gain, the greater the amount of calories for the construction of inducing muscle hypertrophy end.

One of the critical points in this process is the physical appearance because they seem to be filled train heavy, but with the advances of science and research it was established that the higher the levels of fat, the smaller the gain muscle mass.

Initial body fat percentage

There is a scientific test that was made in 1980; the theory of Forbes showed a logarithmic relationship between the gain of fat and gain lean body mass; it was shown that the degree of increase or loss of lean mass in humans and other species dependent on the initial body fat percentage.

  • When you have less body fat at the beginning, it will get better muscle gains when you start to eat more.
  • People have sharper gains of 30% to 70% of lean body mass and overweight people reach gains of 30% to 40% of lean body mass while still a high calorie diet.
  • Anecdotal evidence suggests that there has always been evidence that natural athletes gained more muscle mass when they had a body fat percentage of 10% to 15%, for passing this limit tended to gain more fat and less muscle.

The human mechanism

The recent study in animals was the first to show that increased levels of fat can directly injure the muscle protein synthesis by insulin pathway.

  • In the study, one group of mice were fed a high-fat diet and subjected to extra load (similar to weight training) for 30 weeks.
  • Mice fat group gained weight over 31% longer than mice fed the low-fat group.

The results showed a significant decrease in muscle mass and activation of key members of the pathway of muscle growth in rodents the group fed high fat, however it is a studied made animals.

Practical applications

  • Upon entering the bulking phase would be interesting to below 15% body fat to conquer extreme muscle gains with hard training.
  • During this phase you can do some cardiovascular activity are the days when not practiced bodybuilding help decrease insulin resistance acutely and this may help to gain more muscle mass.
  • Ideal consuming quality supplements and eats high-calorie foods full of calories beneficial for the body, leaving the days of cheating or junk food for a few days a month.
Men's body fat percentages
Men’s body fat percentages. (Photo:
Women's body fat percentages
Women’s body fat percentages. (Photo:

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