The Male Reproductive System and Bodybuilding Steroids

To start, it should be noted that not all use of bodybuilding steroids should be considered bad. Steroids can have a large and profoundly helpful medical impact. Steroids can help people heal after they have become injured in some way; it can also help people who have hormonal imbalances that come as no fault of their own but keep them from reaching puberty at the right time. When used correctly, steroids can be very beneficial and will not cause you any long term harm — as long as you stick to the doctor’s orders.

However, it should also be noted that steroids can cause serious problems if they are abused. Using steroids for too long or taking to large of doses can cause problems with the male reproductive systems.

Some of these issues that are brought on by the long term use and abuse cannot be reversed or fixed without taking drastic measures. If you are thinking of taking steroids for non-medical reasons — such as to excel at certain sports — you should consider what they could do to your reproductive system.

Abnormal growth in male breasts

This is because the steroids can throw off your natural hormones and because you body to create too many of the hormones that cause the breasts to grow. This is one of the things that steroids can bring about that cannot be reversed. Your use of steroids will have done irreparable harm to the chemical and physical makeup of your body. You may have to get plastic surgery to counteract the effects of steroids.

Steroids can cause you to become impotent

This is the largest impact on the reproductive system; if you use steroids for too long, it could become impossible for you to participate in sexual intercourse. You may feel no desire for sexual relations, or you may feel a desire that it is physically impossible for you to fulfill. If this happens because of the use of steroids, there may not be a lot that you can do. In some cases, steroids will actually increase sexual desire even though the act will be impossible.

You may experience atrophy — or shrinkage — of your testicles

This is commonly associated with people who use high does of steroids. Body builders and sports stars most commonly will use steroids in this fashion so that they can compete at a higher level. In many cases, people who used steroids will experience all of these symptoms at once. This is a high price to pay in your personal and sexual life just to use steroids.

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