The Importance of the Grip when It Comes to Evolve in Practice

When we went to the gym to train always we consider a number of variables. Among the most common are the routine that we follow, the exercises that will make up the same, which will focus on one or the other purpose that will depend a lot on what we are looking for.

In addition to all these variables we always have in mind the number of repetitions, used loads, the series and the part of the body that we are going to work. But what is seldom repaired grips, something very important which almost always neglect.

On this occasion we will stop this important variable in achieving a much more surprising. Contrary to what many think, the grip has a very important role when ea advance the implementation and development of an exercise correctly. There are many possibilities to grab a machine, and we want that from now on we repair it and the benefits it will bring to the hour of work one way or another every muscle group of the body.

Opening the grip

First we are going to stop the opening of the grip. It is true that for many people any kind of way to grab a device is always the same, when there are several ways. The opening thereof is one of the most important. A bar or a machine normally tend to have different ways to grip they offer one or the other opening. Depending on the opening and exercise will engage some muscles or other. For if the chest is closed grip triceps work more, while the more we open more fully to give the chest muscles and your workout. Something similar happens with the lats.

In general, when working with close grip work and stress will concentrate more on the innermost parts of that muscle group. It’s a way to work muscles that often are not taken into account and that both are in positions to play more complicated. If we use a more open grip what we’ll be working the outer parts of that muscle group. This is for a job that usually involves amplitude further development of that muscle group.

Orientation grip

Another point to consider in what refers to grips is the angle. At our disposal there are plenty of grips, especially if we look at the pulleys. Therefore we will define and assess differences between the orientations of the grip. So we stop at the grip horizontal. Usually involves placing the hand horizontally. The grip is usually used because it is the most convenient way to grab the hand of an object. It is true that this type of grip allows us to develop more strength, but does not work more complex and hidden muscles, and usually affect the muscles we use most commonly no more.

On the other hand we can grab the grip vertically. This form of grip not usually as usual when playing sports, which will perform the exercises with this mode more effective grip and impact more on the muscles, as this will be an unusual move for muscles. Yes, we can develop less force and incidence will focus on smaller muscles and complex work conventionally. Therefore this type of grip is essential to complete total body workout. It is advisable to combine both types of grip to get a full workout.

Flexible grips

Lastly we will stop in flexible grips commonly used in pulleys and some more modern machines. These grips have the quality to move in a multi-directional way, i.e., that fit perfectly to our way of moving the body and needs exercise. This will allow us greater comfort in training, but we tend to always perform the same movement that naturally our body, and always working the same muscles and the same way. It is therefore essential to combine all kinds of grips to prevent accommodate muscles and do the same thing.

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