The Importance of Recovery between Sets

It is common to find in a gym some bodybuilders concerned only with the burden placed on the apparatus, often neglecting important variable in per-iodization training: the interval between sets.

Studies show that a short interval of rest between each series decreases the maximum number of repetitions to be performed in the course of time during training, that is, if the goal of the bodybuilder it may prevent the decrease in the number of repeats in the passing of the series, the ideal is that the rest interval is sufficient to recover between each series.

An important aspect to be considered on the studies cited is that the volunteers performed maximal repetitions, i.e., the maximum number of repetitions they endured do. In a gym it is common for practitioners perform sub-maximal repetitions, i.e. enclosing routine before they reach the total fatigue in the series.

However the shorter recovery times have their positive aspects, especially with regard to hormone production during training. It is important to mention that the investigations conclude that short rest intervals may increase anabolic hormone production during training in the course of time.

Some studies verified that a further increase in the concentration of growth HGH hormone in young women, in a strength routine protocol with 30 seconds rest between each series, when they were compared with rest intervals of 60 or 120 seconds. Likewise, the higher concentration result on HGH in a range of 120 seconds when compared with the interval of 300 seconds. Data for this study were collected before and after a period of six months of strength training.

These results indicate that short recovery interval can cause an anabolic state in the individual. That individual’s possible anabolic state can help increase muscle size, maximal strength, power of trained muscles and nervous system adaptations. The results reported in this paper indicate that there is no rest interval “ideal” case of strength training, but of proper periodization training.

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