The Importance of Protein

The proteins are present in all cells and tissues and the main component of the structural elements of the body. Unlike fat, protein can not be stored by the body. The protein is responsible for building muscles, which increases your metabolism and helps burn fat faster.

The muscle cells are composed of proteins, carbohydrates and water stored. Once they break the proteins in the muscle tissue during weight-bearing exercises, the body is restoring muscle tissues with proteins from the diet, to grow muscles.

The protein is also very important for the growth of nails and hair, as well as tissue repair. For the repair or tissue growth can occur, the protein must be ingested at constant intervals during the day, but experience no or very little muscle growth.

The main functions of proteins are:

  • It is growth and repair of muscles, bones, skin, connective tissue, internal organs and blood. Enzymes, antibodies and hormones responsible for the regulation of chemical reactions in the body are made of proteins.
  • Energy source is 4 calories per gram of protein. If carbohydrates and fats do not conform to the body’s energy needs, proteins can be broken and used as energy source.

Protein is very important for people who want to gain muscle mass and lose weight and tone muscles.

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