The Importance of Eating Every 3 Hours to Get Bigger

Every time we eat, our body undergoes a process called gastric cycle, which occurs from the intake of food and nutrient absorption, until the use of energy by the body. We call each meal gastric cycle we do and the gastric cycle must occur every 3 hours (4 maximum), to get a good muscle volume or just to keep the body functioning properly.

By keeping the body fueled at all times avoid the process called catabolism, which occurs when the muscles do not have the necessary nutrients and consume themselves, and after finishing with the fat reserves. In this case the body itself feeds on the muscles to achieve the required energy. It is easy to avoid following a meal plan to your needs.

It is also true that a muscular body has a faster metabolism, even at rest and needs more energy than normal. For that reason we must give the body the necessary power. Factor must not forget the rest after a hard workout to replenish muscle fibers and grow. If we add a good diet will increase hypertrophy.

And speaking of eating every three hours, we should clarify something. Make meals every three hours does not mean you have to do the same intake at noon, but enough to eat protein foods such as turkey, chicken, tuna, eggs, dairy, nuts, which can add some carbohydrates healthy.

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