The Ideal Exercise for Arms

In order to have big shoulders and arms these super powerful weight training is ideal, with these exercises will be their allies as they can get to have very strong arms and bulky with a few sessions, we approached these exercises that raise only one and pressing the other your arm muscles will highlight at a glance.

For this exercise routine in just a few weeks using less than 20% by weight of commonly used, this routine is a little slower than that used daily, but the benefits it brings are unique because they can increase muscle mass and also achieve better coordination.

In the shoulder press exercises it is best to make them as follows:

Begin this exercise holding nothing more than a handle to the pulley, commonly used to perform the exercises for the triceps, with one of the secure hands and sit immediately so that the machine is on the side and grab a dumbbell left hand holding the hand should look at the machine.

At the same height as the jaw holding the bar and slowly pull the pulley down to keep it always in a straight line in relation to the bone where the neck, simultaneously bringing the dumbbells overhead, slowly return to starting position and do more replicates.

With respect to the biceps curl exercise, holding a rope that is higher than the machine and then pull down this movement must be done with the right hand until the elbow is 90 degrees. Once this movement take a dumbbell, this time with his left hand and hold it down and the arm is well stretched and the palm facing upward.

Pull the rope slowly with his right hand simultaneously doing a dumbbell curl until the achievement of reaching the breast with the other hand, very slowly return to starting position and repeat the exercise.

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