The Effect of the Training Burden on Legs

A research note developed by the experts to make appointment of a consecutive series of endurance exercise performance maintenance (quality of movement and constant effort) within a specific range of repetitions proves essential for muscular adaptations that lead to different training objectives, however maintain performance in all instances it may be difficult or impossible when using short rest intervals between sets (1 minute), plus it requires load reductions.

Therefore, the purpose of this study to gain more muscle was to compare the performance of repetitions while maintaining a constant load or a reduction in burden in different percentages, being used in the experiment for training the lower limbs with 10 repetitions maximum (10 RM) for the leg curls, squats and leg extensions, then the considerations made for the 4 workouts according to load conditions.

  • Group A: Load constant for each series
  • Group B: Reduction of 5% charge after each set
  • Group C: Reduction of 10% charge after each set
  • Group D: Reduction of 15% charge after each set

Pairwise comparisons indicate that when averaged between sets, became less repetitions in the squat and leg curl inside the constant load condition in Group A, while the reps were kept constant under the condition of load reduction Group D, conversely, to the leg extension, no significant differences in conditions between repetitions.

Pairwise comparisons also indicated that, when averaged series, the number of repetitions of Group B and C were significantly lower compared with Group D, for the summary result indicates that squats and leg curls requires 15 % load reduction series to maintain optimum performance, and load reductions are not necessary for leg extension training.

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