The Cardio is More Effective with a High Protein Diet

Researchers at Maastricht University in the Netherlands conducted an interesting study published in the “Physiology & Behavior” in which showed that weight loss resulting from cardiovascular exercise is faster if you add a larger amount of protein in the diet and less of fat and carbohydrates, we know that a high protein diet works for weight loss but this study reveals more indicators.

The researchers conducted an experiment with 16 volunteers, of which 12 of them were placed for 3 months within a diet containing relatively more protein, and 4 maintained their usual diet, the volunteers who followed the high protein diet did not require major changes in terms of eating habits and replaced normal three meals a day for a milk shake, a pudding and a soup containing more protein than regular foods.

  • Immediately before and after the period of three months, individuals had to pedal on an empty stomach in the morning fasting.
  • The researchers made volunteers to increase speed gradually and measured the amount of burnt fat.
  • The burning of fat was higher at 51% VO2max is a lower level, but not unusual for sedentary individuals, and during the test, the maximum fat burning increased in the group who ate more protein during those three months ; in any way the group did not satisfy scholars.
  • Linking statistically significant effects in terms of bodybuilding, increasing protein intake was minimal but had a significant effect on body composition.

Researchers suspect that a high protein diet increases muscle mass causing the muscles at rest using fat as a source of energy and this explains at least in part because why fat mass is reduced, but this study suggests another way to through which a protein-rich diet increases utilization of fat, are also added to the active muscles use more fat by eating more protein.

Binding theory could be that the leucine amino acid present in the extra protein anabolic stimulus provided, the leucine forces the muscles to conserve protein and glucose possibly also to a certain level, hence the muscle cells burn a little more fatty acids low-intensity exercise.

It is important to understand the difference between weight loss and fat loss, weight loss typically involves the loss of fat, water and muscle and a person who goes on a diet you can lose weight without losing much fat, ideally the person who is above the weight you lose fat and preserve muscle mass and this is evident because muscle burns more calories than fat.

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