The Best Way to Execute the Exercises to Gain More Muscle

There are several exercises that are classics of bodybuilding that you should always keep in our hypertrophy training routines, but sometimes we use advanced techniques or combinative not apply to all exercises to gain more muscle.

An example is the use of the bosu example, many people know that this train up semi fit-ball improves coordination and balance, but perform the squats upon him will make the role of the main exercise (the sit-ups) was half.

In this post we will try to put some light to be aware of what is the best way to execute the exercises to gain more muscle, focusing on the tricks that we make for some of the most important exercises of hypertrophy, as press bench, squats, deadlifts, pullups, rowing in banks or abs.

Squats and deadlifts

When you perform these exercises do not have to add an extra accessory that never complicate the exercise, are exercises of power, in which the exercise itself is the key objective sought, gain muscle. Certainly both years are the most important in the development of the lower body, especially the squat, one of the most complete exercises exist to hypertrophy.

Many people make the half squat without getting enough (until the femur is parallel to the ground) or pushing with the heels with the intensity needed to lift the load from the low position to exercise more effective.

But there is a very good trick to perform the squat correctly, and is using a bank. Place a bank to the extent that your buttocks, when touched, make your thighs are parallel to the ground. You must go down until you notes to the buttocks, so you know you’ve come to the extent necessary for the exercise to be truly effective.

To allow the intensity from the heel up you can use a tablet, about 2 centimeters in height, low heels, you can use it both to perform the squats to be dead weight, so, with that little bow will do the intensity always out of heels.

Bench press and dominated

To make the exercise more intense is a very simple and is getting the muscles to be activated in the exercise during the movement thereof. Surely you can not move so much weight as when you do not contract them but you’re training them and so much more gain volume.

For the bench press, grab the bar to do as you want to bring your hands and tighten the pectorals, activating them much more, therefore do more effective exercise. Dominated for the same thing, but pressing backward the dorsal arms congested and encourage dominated intensity and improve work efficiency.


Lately it has become fashionable to make abs with crunches that do not exceed 30 ° in the movement for the year, and while it is very effective to work them whenever you’re squeezing the abdomen to perform them, and pasting back to the ground, it can also all the way to activate more fibers.

If you make occasional series with full travel longer will work the abs in a dynamic and if they are under stress and are gaining strength and volume and also work the abdomen, also work the hip flexors. Raise the trunk with his hands behind his head and knees at 90 degrees but without pushing his hands behind his head, and carried down movement controlled as possible.

Rowing exercises with dumbbells or banks

Everyone takes the oars with dumbbell on bench, something very typical, but if you work standing activate and use more muscles and therefore more calories quean. For example, do dumbbell oars standing upright, then bend your hips and the muscles will work base, gaining stability, but will move less weight, but the work will be stronger overall.

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