The best places to buy a real Christmas tree online

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If you haven’t bought your Christmas tree yet, don’t fret, we’ve found lots of real Christmas trees you can still buy online. A genuine evergreen, with its familiar pine scent (and yes, a few dropped needles around the place), really ramps up that Christmassy feeling. Real trees are also better […]

If you haven’t bought your Christmas tree yet, don’t fret, we’ve found lots of real Christmas trees you can still buy online.

A genuine evergreen, with its familiar pine scent (and yes, a few dropped needles around the place), really ramps up that Christmassy feeling.

Real trees are also better for the environment than their plastic, artificial equivalents, which may end up in landfill. According to one study, your fake model would have to be reused for more than two decades for it to be greener than a real tree. Though always ensure you recycle your trusty tree after 6 December. You can find out more information on ways to discard of it properly here.

We know it can be quite difficult to decide on which Christmas tree would suit you (and your festive decor), so here’s our guide on buying a real Christmas tree online.

What types of real Christmas trees are available?

The most popular varieties include the Norway Spruce, Blue Spruce, Nordmann Fir and the Noble Fir. Struggling to choose? Here’s some brief facts to get you started.

Nordmann Fir: This fir is said to be a good choice for people with allergies (it doesn’t have a strong smell) and it has softer needles too, which means it shouldn’t shed as much.

Norway Spruce: It’s best to keep a Norway Spruce outside, so this could be a good option for a front garden Christmas display. Its needles are known to be evenly spread, so they’re perfect for hanging fairy lights from.

Noble Fir: Scared your tree could topple over with too many decorations? The Noble Fir has strong branches, which are ideal for holding heavy ornaments.

Blue Spruce: Boasting a unique silvery, blue undertone, this is a great tree if you’d prefer something a bit different. It also has great needle retention.

If you’re limited on space, don’t fret – there are plenty of small options too, such as this potted Christmas tree. And we also love the increasing number of postable options that come with lights and decorations for the recipient to decorate themselves.

What do I need to think about before I buy?

You will need to consider several things before purchasing a real Christmas tree.

Think about the size – will it sit a little too snugly in your living space, or is there plenty of room for a tree topper? Measure the distance between the ceiling and the floor, to ensure it’s the perfect fit for your room.

For those of you who have pets, it’s very important you check that your real Christmas tree is non-toxic. Animal charity Blue Cross warns some real trees produce oils that can cause minor irritation to your animal’s mouth and stomach. Tree needles are bad for their stomach, too. A tree can also be a hazard if your cat decides to use it as a climbing post – it could topple over, so make sure you invest in a heavy base to keep it steady.

Experts have also warned that some trees may trigger asthma or allergies, so it’s best to do your research if you suffer from these types of health conditions.

How should I care for my real Christmas tree?

According to Josh Lyle, the founder of Christmas tree company Pines and Needles, you should ​​treat a real Christmas tree in the same way you would with cut flowers: trim the end, put it in water and don’t put it next to a radiator.

“Cutting the bottom 3cms off your tree once you get it home is vital (or ask the seller to do it for you if you don’t have a saw at home), as is watering it,” Josh says. “Trees drink more than you do at Christmas – around three pints of water a day – but bigger trees will drink more so it’s worth checking daily to see if your tree needs a top up.”

Where should I buy my real Christmas tree online?

Of course, you can pick out your tree at a nursery or farm but for those of you with a busy schedule, ordering online is a quick and easy way to get it sent directly to your home.

Lots of retailers are getting in on the festive fun this year, but we’ve picked out some of our favourites.

Real Christmas tree: Best for needle retention

Nordmann Fir

John Lewis


In recent years, John Lewis has branched out (!) beyond its in-store Christmas shop to deliver a range of real trees to customers’ doors. Its Nordmann Firs might be a bit pricier than some on this list, but we’ve had them delivered for the last three years and can attest that they are well-proportioned, full and long-lasting, and do live up to the lower-than-average-drop promises. 

Size: 5-6ft/6-7ft

Delivery date: Within 7 working days

Price: £75-£115

Real Christmas tree: Best for gifting

Rose Gold Letterbox Christmas Tree

This pretty tree comes complete with rose-gold pot, tree topper, sparkly baubles and LED lights, and would make an ideal gift for a loved one who’s limited on space (and an inclination to buy decorations) this year. Or it works nicely as a second tree for a kitchen or home office. 

Size: 50–55cm (including height of pot)

Delivery date: Next-day delivery (or you can pick a preferred day)

Real Christmas tree: Best value for money

Nordman Fir

Real Christmas tree: Best for compact spaces

Starry Night Tree

The original letterbox flower company, Bloom and Wild, has a great range of mini Christmas trees this year. Our favourite is this gold and blue creation, inspired by winter night skies. You get a tree, pot and all the decorations you need – baubles, lights and a themed garland – packed up to go through the door. 

We think it would look beautiful anywhere in the house, but try it on your desk if you’re in need of festive cheer while working from home. 

Size: 44cm tall (including height of pot)

Delivery date: Next-day delivery (or you can pick a preferred day)


Real Christmas tree: Best design

Winter Walks Letterbox Christmas Tree

Here’s another mini (and fun) Christmas tree from Bloom and Wild, which we think would look very cute on a garland-adorned side table. We love the theme: the woollies you need to wrap up warm on winter walks reimagined in decoration form – very cute! 

Size: 44cm tall (including height of pot)

Delivery: Next-day delivery (or you can pick a preferred day)

Real Christmas tree: Best colour

Blue Spruce



Want something different than a standard green Christmas tree? You might like this Devon-grown spruce, which is almost blue in colour. We think it would look stunning with silver decorations – twinkly lights, soft ribbons and a sparkly star topper.  

Primrose has lots of real Christmas trees on offer, including this mini version of the blue spruce, if you’re limited on space. 

Size: 3-4ft

Delivery: The last order date is December 9, to be delivered between 13-17th December. 

Real Christmas tree: Best for low maintenance

Nordmann Fir

Very has two real Nordmann Fir trees on offer this year, including a larger version (approx. 7ft), if you have the space. 

An added bonus: to keep things environmentally friendly, Very employs suppliers who replant a tree for every one they cut down.   

Size: Approx 6ft

Delivery: Delivery within six working days 

Real Christmas tree: Best for outdoors

Norway Spruce


Standing at 12ft, this Norway Spruce is the perfect showstopper for those of you with a larger-than-average front yard. You can add on lights and decorations while ordering through Pine and Needle’s website, although it’ll cost extra. 

There are lots of other sizes available, if you would rather pick out a smaller model.  

Size: 12ft

Delivery date: You can check out delivery availability if you pop in your details here

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