The Benefits of Lafay Method in Bodybuilding

The Lafay method proposed bodybuilding exercises that do not require the use of equipment or dumbbells or weights. The particularity of Lafay method is based on the fact that it allows the body to develop strength, endurance, power, flexibility and relaxation. The basic principle is to use only your body weight in order to build muscle.

Despite the absence of material, and contrary to what you might think, the Lafay method provides exceptional results either from an aesthetic point of view as physical performance. Thanks to Lafay method, it is possible to have a proportional development of the muscles of the whole body. Throughout the sessions, flexibility and endurance are tested and the programs are implemented progressively.

The Lafay method offers thirteen training levels and you should always start with the level 1 exercise, if you are beginners, or Level 2, if you are an experienced athlete. In all cases, there is nothing better than starting at the beginning, and thus acquire the right pace. Before you can move to a higher level, you have to reach a goal set in the previous book.

But the transition from one level to another is usually done in a week, especially if you are motivated.

Contrary to traditional methods of building, the Lafay method does not focus on one body part, since this is considered as an indivisible whole. In all cases, the key words are the aesthetics, comfort and performance.

Different exercises proposed in the Lafay are such that the method that implements has the possibility of acquiring a superior athleticism valid for all areas of your body. As for the actual training sessions, these are relatively short. To begin, you will need to do a warm up time after time fitness that lasts an hour, and finish with a time of ten to twenty minutes of flexibility exercises.

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