The 9 Best Web Apps All Filmmakers Should Be Using

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Are you a filmmaker? Check out these web apps that you can use in the different stages of filmmaking. Technological innovation has made every sphere of life easy, and filmmaking is no exception. Since it’s a multi-step and lengthy process, filmmaking tools will help you cut down on manual labor […]

Are you a filmmaker? Check out these web apps that you can use in the different stages of filmmaking.

Technological innovation has made every sphere of life easy, and filmmaking is no exception. Since it’s a multi-step and lengthy process, filmmaking tools will help you cut down on manual labor and work more efficiently. Here we discuss some of the best ones.

1. WriterDuet for Screenwriting

Writerduet for Screenwriting

Screenwriting is a crucial phase of filmmaking and it takes a lot of effort. A film can have one or more writers for scriptwriting, and instead of writing separately, they can make screenwriting a collaborative effort using the WriteDuet app.

Thanks to this cloud-based app, effortless real-time co-writings are possible. With intuitive commenting, you can provide feedback on any part of the story. You can utilize the built-in text and video chat for communication and discussion.

It also supports seamless formatting of your text and workflow customization. You can even create custom templates and save revision drafts with one click.


Movie Magic for Production Management

Every seasoned and wannabe filmmaker is fully aware of the workload involved in production management. This is an umbrella term that includes budget, shooting schedule, and administering the movie set.

With the Movie Magic Budgeting tool, you can estimate the cost of production. With its intuitive dashboard, creating and editing the budget for a production of any size is easy. Besides streamlining the process, it helps you identify the trouble spots of budgeting through report generation.

This app also allows you to execute complex budgeting tasks such as importing old budgets, analyzing expenses, estimating incentives, and comparing multiple budgets.

3. ShareGrid for Gear Rental

ShareGrid for Gear Rental

Are you looking for the necessary shooting equipment? Renting gear from areas far away from your shooting spot can be expensive and troublesome. That’s why you should opt for the ShareGrid app.

You can rent various equipment from this app including cameras, lenses, drones, grips, cables, booms, microphones, speakers, vehicles, props, and recorders.

It will let you rent from a nearby area, depending on your location. The app is particularly useful for last-minute gear rentals. What’s more, you can use this app to share the equipment you own with others and make a profit.

ProductionBeast for Casts and Crews

Finding the right cast and crew for a film is an overwhelming process. By using a tool like ProductionBeast, you can make this work easy. This app helps you find and hire actors and crew members for your production.

Currently, you can choose from more than 30,000 production professionals and even post an exclusive job opening for your film.

Apart from hiring, this app also has features like storing notes and documents, tracking crew availability, creating private lists for important people, collaborating with team members about hiring the right talent, and more.

StudioBinder for Productivity

For those looking for an all-in-one tool for enhanced productivity in movie making, StudioBinder is an ideal choice. It offers customizable solutions to filmmakers to manage their production workflow.

With this app, you can divide your scripts, wardrobe, and props for each scene. You can categorize contacts of everyone involved in the production for quick communication. Visualization of every shot is also feasible with this app.

It also lets you schedule shooting for each day and create personalized call sheets for all actors to track RSVPs.

6. ShotDeck for Cinematography

ShotDeck for Cinematography

Want to take inspiration for your shots from the leading directors and filmmakers in the biz? Use ShotDeck for a collection of fully searchable HD images from films. It lets you find reference images so that you can efficiently insert your vision into your movie.

If you’re a director, cinematographer, art director, or title designer, you can use this app to transform your imagination into reality. Shots stored on this platform are hand-tagged with various keywords and categories so that you can find what you want without a miss.

This tool is beneficial for selecting locations, interior design, set decorations, costumes, make-up, hairstyles, and more.

7. Endcrawl for Credits in Post-Production

Endcrawl for Post Production

The post-production tasks of every film require time and effort. Endcrawl is a tool that lets you credit all the beautifully talented people involved in the movie.

All you have to do is enter the names of your teammates and the work they did on this web-based platform. You can leave the rest to this app as it’ll sort the data into customizable templates.

There are no limitations in terms of the number of names you want to include in the end credit. You can choose your favorite fonts, edit columns, and drag & drop a logo wherever you want.

Pond5 for Stock Footage

If you’re looking for some stock video footage for your movie, head over to Pond5. This app has a collection of more than 20 million royalty-free photos and video clips, and the number is growing every day.

Choose from any of the broad sections to find video footage relating to that subject. You can filter your search by choosing the price range, video quality, duration, and so on.

It also lets you search its library for similar footage based on color or composition by uploading an image or video. Apart from the footage, you can also find music, sound effects, after-effects, and 3D models on this app.

9. Stage 32 for Social Networking

Stage 32 for Social Networking

Social networks have become the most popular method for film publicity. If you’re into movies or other creative domains, you should be a member of Stage 32.

It’s the biggest community of content creators and buyers that operates globally. It’s also called the LinkedIn for people involved in TV, theatre, and film. Currently, the app has more than 800,000 creative professionals of the entertainment world as members.

The Stage 32 Lounge section of this tool allows you to have discussions with thousands of fellow community members. You can join any forum such as acting, filmmaking, distribution, crowdfunding, and many more. You can also promote your work in a lounge named Your Stage for feedback and promotion.

Apps for Hassle-Free Filmmaking

Manually managing every stage of the filmmaking process is a hectic undertaking. From production management to selecting the right cast, the apps listed here make these tasks more manageable and speed up the process.

If you’re interested in ways to make your footage more cinematic, check out our next article.

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