The 12 Best Christmas Tree Toppers You Can Buy on Amazon, From Angels to Stars and More

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Courtesy of Amazon

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When you’re decorating your Christmas tree, when do you add the topper? Some people like to add it before any ornaments, while others save the Christmas tree topper as a ceremonial ending to the treasured holiday tradition of trimming the tree. No matter when you choose to top your tree, you need a topper that matches your holiday style.

Do you prefer classic and timeless Christmas decorations? Are you envisioning a Christmas tree topper that lights up? How do you feel about toppers that act as odes to books and movies? While you’re deciding whether to purchase an artificial Christmas tree and taking inventory of your ornaments, make sure your topper is all set for this season.

Because there are thousands of Christmas tree toppers available, we sorted through the options for you. From Santa to an angel, these 12 Christmas tree toppers are highly reviewed by customers and ready to ship from Amazon—and most are under $50.

The Best Christmas Tree Toppers, According to Amazon Customers

Hallmark Keepsake Harry Potter Collection Hogwarts Castle Musical Christmas Tree Topper with Light

Whether you have read all of the “Harry Potter” books or watched all of the movies (and especially if you continue to do both again and again), the Hallmark Keepsake Harry Potter tree topper is one to consider. The topper has a 92% customer approval rating, and when plugged into a standard outlet, it performs a light show and plays themed music.

“The colorful lights and Harry Potter music [make this] castle a must for any HP/Christmas collection,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “I’m excited to put it out with all my Harry ornaments.”

Mr. Christmas Animated Carousel Christmas Tree Topper

The Mr. Christmas Animated Carousel Christmas Tree Topper combines classic style with novelty. If you look closely, you’ll see the traditional carousel horses have been replaced by reindeer for a fun Christmas twist, and the topper spins when plugged in. Both the brand and shoppers note that the Christmas tree topper is easy to assemble and use thanks to the combination of a mount, hook and loop closure, and standard wall plug.

“Something completely different than our ordinary Christmas tree accessory,” wrote one reviewer, who called the topper “so festive” and “easy to set up.” They continued, “Kids love it just as much as the adults. A must for those who want something different!”

Luck Sea Snowman Christmas Tree Topper

A snowman is a timeless symbol of the holiday season, and the Snowman Christmas Tree Topper adds a touch of whimsy. It’s meant to appear as though it’s embracing your Christmas tree, with a face (14.5 inches), arms (21.6 inches), and scarf (23.6 inches) you can adjust to fit your tree. Though a branch at the top of the tree will offer structure, you can further fill the snowman out by stuffing it with newspaper, according to shoppers. Plus, the arms include interior wire that you can adjust as needed.

“​​I love the way this turned out,” said one of the nearly 500 five-star reviewers. “I have a slimmer 7.5 foot tree. I stuffed the hat part of the snowman with a couple newspapers and used a couple empty wrapping paper rolls to get the whole thing to stand up straight. Love that the arms have wire so you can bend and shape how you want! Overall a great purchase and totally worth the price.”

Kurt Adler 10 Light Indoor Rattan Natural Star Christmas Tree Topper

If you are looking for a tree topper that’s easy to mount, look no further than this Christmas tree star topper. The light-up star design is wrapped in rattan to give it a rustic, farmhouse-style look. Plus, it comes with four replacement bulbs, should you need them. Another standout feature is the green plastic base that blends into your tree.

“Love this star,” said one reviewer. “Bright and rustic and perfect for our tree. It has a long cord, which is awesome because it runs all the way down the back of the tree to the outlet. I prefer that it’s not battery powered… We love it.”

Oriental Cherry Buffalo Check Bow Christmas Tree Topper

Christmas trees feel like a gift during the holiday season, and it can fully play the part with the vintage-inspired Buffalo Check Bow Christmas Tree Topper. The topper is 17 inches tall, combines two different textiles (burlap and buffalo check ribbon), and is handmade.

“Couldn’t have found a more perfect tree topper,” said one five-star reviewer. “The material is high quality, and you are able to shape the ribbons due to the wiring.”

Kurt Adler 8-Inch Gold Glittered 5-Point Star Christmas Tree Topper

Go glam with a dash of glitter thanks to the Gold Glittered 5-Point Star Christmas Tree Topper. Above all, shoppers say the durable plastic topper’s glitter stays in place, so you won’t find specks throughout your home during the holiday season (or well after it ends). It measures 8 inches in height from the base to the highest point, and the star features an intricate cutout design.

“The quality of this item surprised me,” said one of the 400 five-star reviewers. “It does have glitter all over it, so I was a little worried that it’d get everywhere while putting it up, but the glitter stayed on and the star looks really great. It seems sturdy and well-made. It is a little heavy, but I just doubled over the top branch and stuck this star on and it’s standing perfectly straight.”

Yostyle Gold Snowflake Christmas Tree Topper with LED Snowflake Projector

Why not add even more lights to your tree with the Gold Snowflake Christmas Tree Topper? Not only is it a topper, but it’s also an LED projector. Since it’s a bit heavier than your standard topper, it has a reinforced clip to hold it at the top of your tree. Once it’s in place, simply plug it in and watch it come to life.

“​​This tree topper is amazing,” wrote a reviewer. “I’m so glad we ended up picking this up. It projects the snowflakes to the ceiling nicely. We have 12-13 foot ceilings and it still looked great! We will be using this on the tree next year.”

Zhanyigy 6-Piece Sequin Confetti Set Christmas Tree Topper

The look and size of your Christmas tree is bound to vary from year to year, especially if you cut down a live tree, so a topper that’s malleable, like this one, can prove helpful. The 6-Piece Confetti Set combines the whimsy of confetti with the glamorous look of sequins, and you can display multiple sets together to create a fuller look. Keep in mind, the Christmas tree topper is available in seven colors.

“I purchased the white curly picks to add to my Christmas tree,” wrote one reviewer. “They are easy to manipulate and make the tree sparkle. The price was great… great value for the money! Plus much cheaper than other picks I’ve purchased in the past from physical stores. Will be ordering more.”

Kurt Adler Illuminated Angel Christmas Tree Topper

An angel tree topper is a classic, and the 12-inch Illuminated Angel Christmas Tree Topper offers an additional detail that sets it apart from others—it lights up. The topper also features gold details with hints of lace and beading, wings made from feathers, and a plastic cone hidden beneath the angel’s attire for easy attachment to Christmas tree branches.

“It’s hard to pick an item like this online and the sheer volume of angels available is incredible, but we decided on her,” began one of the 300 five-star reviewers. “She arrived on time and in perfect condition. We were very happy with our choice. Very well made and with very bright lights, she will be on our tree for many years to come. We would recommend this angel to everyone.”

D-FantiX Santa Christmas Tree Topper

Similar to the snowman Christmas tree topper above, this Santa Christmas tree topper has a kind, jovial look. The 12-inch topper includes interior wire that can be bent to hug your tree. Plus, you can add additional stuffing (newspaper works well) to ensure the topper sits tall.

“I was looking for something different this year to top our Christmas tree and when I saw this I just had to have it,” wrote one reviewer, who called it “the cutest Christmas tree topper ever.” They continued, “I wasn’t expecting it to be as beautiful as it is! The quality is amazing and it fits our tree perfectly! The compliments we’ve received from everyone who has come over is a true testament that this was a great purchase.”

Kurt Adler 10-Inch Mickey Mouse Christmas Tree Topper

Some families devote an entire Christmas tree to Disney, and that tree wouldn’t be complete without Mickey Mouse. This Christmas tree topper is licensed by Disney, according to the brand, and shoppers are drawn to the timeless look of Walt Disney’s most famous character. The 10-inch topper has arms that can also bend depending on the look you’re going for.

“This Mickey tree topper is adorable,” wrote a five-star reviewer. “Our tree is decorated all Disney, so this was a perfect addition. I love the vintage look.”

Lurlin Gnome Christmas Tree Topper

Gnomes are a different kind of Christmas tradition to some, and in this case, they’re dressed up with antlers to add more holiday spirit. This handmade Christmas tree topper measures 26.7 inches by 13.7 inches and sits on top of a Christmas tree with help from the wire in the gnome’s hat.

“This gnome tree topper is adorable,” one shopper wrote. “I bought one for myself and when I saw how cute it was in person, I got one for my sister! I love the gnome craze, and this is the perfect addition to any tree. The only thing I found was it was a little tricky to prop up but once it was set, he was good to go!”

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