The 11 Best Artificial Christmas Trees You Can Buy Online This Holiday Season

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Courtesy of Balsam Hill

bhg – 120 Available at Amazon

bhg – 549 Available at Amazon

bhg – 310 Available at Amazon

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bhg – 168 Available at Wayfair

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One of the best parts about Christmas is decorating the tree. But before you can start hanging ornaments and putting on a topper, you need to have the perfect tree. If you don’t want to deal with getting a real tree every year, then an artificial Christmas tree is your best bet because it can be reused for multiple holiday seasons.

To help you decide which fake Christmas trees are actually worth buying, we dug through thousands of customer reviews on Amazon, Wayfair, Target, and more. Whether you’re looking for a slim tree to fit in tight spaces or a pre-decorated tree that requires practically no setup, there are bound to be plenty of options for you on this list.

These are the best artificial Christmas trees to buy in 2021:

What to Consider When Buying an Artificial Christmas Tree

Since there are so many to choose from, selecting an artificial Christmas tree can be slightly overwhelming—especially if you typically opt for real trees. That’s why we reached out to a few interior designers for their expert tips on what to look for in an artificial tree.

Size and Shape

You can find artificial Christmas trees in all sizes, often ranging from 2-foot tabletop versions to tall 9-foot models. “Many people pick out a tree that is too small, probably because they are unsure about the dimensions and are concerned about the high price of larger trees,” says Pamela O’Brien, principal designer at Pamela Hope Designs.

For that reason, she suggests deciding where to put your tree before buying one. “When you have that perfect spot, measure to the ceiling and then look for a tree about 2 feet lower. Measure out how much floor space you have so you can estimate the diameter of the tree,” says O’Brien. “There are narrow Alpine-style trees and fuller fir-style trees too, so you can find a variety to fit nearly any space.”

Lights and Decorations

It’s also important to decide whether or not you want your tree to come with lights and decorations. “While pre-lit trees are more costly, most people really aren’t that good at the tedious task of putting on lights,” says O’Brien. There are plenty of fake trees on this list that come with lights, as well as one that’s flocked (which means it’s dusted with “snow”), and another that comes fully decorated with ribbons and more right out of the box.

One thing to keep in mind is that sometimes the bulbs on a pre-lit tree don’t last as long as the tree itself, according to Rose McCormick, owner of Beyond the Vine Flowers and Home Decor. “If you’re looking for convenience and don’t want the hassle of lighting a tree then a pre-lit could be a good option, but if you want to invest in a tree that will last long-term I’d recommend buying it unlit.”

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Realistic Branches

Some artificial Christmas trees are designed to have very realistic-looking branches, but they can cost more money. “The best-looking needles are a little uneven and varied, just like in nature, rather than being straight lines of identical needles,” O’Brien says.

More realistic-looking trees (like this ″Feel Real″ option from National Tree Company) are best for people who want a minimalistic style that focuses on the tree itself. But, “if you’re going to load it up with ornaments, picks, ribbon, and more, it’s fine to save money by purchasing a less expensive tree since the focus will be on the decor,” says McCormick.

Keep reading to learn more about each of the best artificial Christmas trees of 2021 from brands like Balsam Hill and National Tree Company.

Best Rated on Amazon: Best Choice Products Premium Spruce Artificial Tree

Heights: 7.5 and 9 feet
Lights: None

One of the most popular artificial Christmas trees, this faux spruce from Best Choice Products has an average 4.7-star rating from more than 10,000 customers. It’s available in two different heights (7.5 and 9 feet) and comes without lights, so you have complete control over how you decorate it. The artificial tree comes in three separate pieces, and you just need to attach them from bottom to top before fluffing the hinged branches. “This tree is gorgeous! I can’t believe how inexpensive it was now that I have it set up, fluffed, and lit,” wrote one shopper. Another added that three years later, it “still looks just as full as the first day” they put it up.

Best With Lights: Balsam Hill Premium Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree

Height: 7 feet
Lights: 800 clear incandescent lights

Balsam Hill is known for its high-quality artificial Christmas trees, and this Amazon-exclusive version lives up to the brand’s standards. Since it’s pre-lit, you don’t have to worry about putting on string lights of your own and figuring out the right placement. The tree has 800 clear incandescent bulbs to light up its 2,300+ branch tips (higher numbers make a tree look fuller). Plus, it comes with extra accessories like a storage bag and gloves that make fluffing the branches more comfortable. “I am 72 years old and have always wanted a Balsam Hill tree,” a reviewer wrote. “I finished the tree yesterday and it is so beautiful I almost cried. The tree is sturdy and the pieces go together without a problem. I am very happy with my Balsam Hill tree. Can’t wait [until] next Christmas.”

Most Realistic: National Tree Company ‘Feel Real’ Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree

Heights: 6.5, 7.5, and 9 feet
Lights: 550 to 1,550 clear lights

One of the biggest qualms people have about artificial Christmas trees is that they don’t always look very realistic. If that’s your worry, opt for this gorgeous tree that’s designed to look and feel just like the real thing. Depending on its size, the pre-lit artificial Christmas tree has anywhere from 2,531 to 5,687 branch tips that closely resemble those of real trees. There are plenty of light bulbs throughout the tree, and even if one burns out, the rest will stay lit. “This is our first year without a real tree—every year I’d spend hours picking out the right one,” said one shopper. “I’ll admit, when we first got it up and started fluffing it, I was skeptical I’d ever be happy with the finished project because it does start off thin. But with some time and effort, the tree can really look beautiful. I had family over the day after I put it up and they all thought it was a real tree until they inspected it. Couldn’t be happier!”

Best Flocked: The Holiday Aisle Flocked Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

Heights: 6 and 7.5 feet
Lights: None

Instead of lights or decorations, this artificial christmas tree from The Holiday Aisle has just the right amount of fake snow to add a wintery touch to your living room. It has a slim design that can easily tuck into corners and other small spaces, and it comes in either 6- or 7.5-foot options. Just keep in mind that flocked artificial Christmas trees can be a bit messy—a few customers mention finding some white flakes on the ground after setup. “I love this tree. It’s well-made and the flocking is realistic and [has] good coverage with the snow,” a shopper wrote. “The size and height are perfect for a small area but still with all the impact and beauty.”

Best White Tree: Hashtag Home Glittery White Pre-lit Christmas Tree

Heights: 6.5, 7, and 7.5 feet
Lights: Clear incandescent lights

You don’t have to stick to natural-looking green Christmas trees during the holiday season. A modern all-white tree, like this glittery option from Hashtag Home, can be just as festive. It comes with a matching white stand and pre-attached lights, which makes it easy to assemble all the pieces. Customers say they receive many compliments on the white artificial Christmas tree, and one even mentioned that it’s their “all-time favorite tree.” “I have been looking forever for the perfect white tree and this one completely exceeded my expectations,” one wrote. “It fluffs up perfectly and looks so expensive, not cheap at all. So glad I snagged this one, it’s perfect!”

Best Slim Tree: National Tree Company Kingswood Fir Slim Christmas Tree

Heights: 6.5, 7, and 7.5 feet
Lights: None

Not everyone has the space for a full, wide Christmas tree in their homes. That’s what makes this slim artificial tree from National Tree Company so great. It starts at just 28 inches in diameter at the base, so you can squeeze in an artificial tree without removing existing furniture or decor. “We replaced our old full-size tree with this skinny one,” wrote a customer. “I’m really glad I bought this tree! It fits the corner we need it to perfectly. Once it was fluffed and lights were in place, I knew it was going to look great when decorated and it did not disappoint.”

Best Value: Andover Mills North Valley Green Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

Heights: 4.6, 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.6, and 9 feet
Lights: None

This artificial Christmas Tree from Wayfair has many sizes available for under $100 (and a few with free two-day shipping), making it a great value at an affordable price. It doesn’t come with any lights, so you have extra room to decorate according to your specific taste (you can either forgo lights entirely or order an affordable set online). “This tree is amazing! Beautiful and huge but perfect for our 12-foot ceilings,” a shopper wrote. “Everyone commented on how pretty it was, and it’s fairly easy to set up and take down. The price was extremely reasonable for the quality.”

Best Tabletop: National Tree Company Pre-lit Artificial Mini Christmas Tree

Heights: 2 feet
Lights: 35 white lights

This tabletop artificial Christmas tree is extremely versatile because it’s small enough to fit practically anywhere, whether an entryway table or a child’s bedroom. Its gold burlap base and touch of white lights are great on their own for minimalists, but plenty of customers say they’ve been able to hang small ornaments and extra lights. “My roommate and I decided on a tabletop tree because we no longer had space for a larger tree,” wrote a customer. “I loved this one because of the fact that it already [had] lights. The tree itself is completely adorable and I was able to buy some small ornaments from Amazon as well and it looks so beautiful.”

Best Pre-Decorated: Prextex Fully Decorated Artificial Christmas Tree

Heights: 6 feet
Lights: 350 lights

If you’re short on time, this pre-decorated artificial tree can be party-ready in practically no time. At 6 feet tall, the tree comes decorated with red and gold ornaments, 350 warm lights, and poinsettia-adorned ribbons right out of the box. It arrives in a pop-up box (kind of like a pizza box) that can be used for storage at the end of the holiday season. Shoppers say it takes anywhere from five to 10 minutes to completely set it up, depending on how particular you are about perfecting the ribbons and bows. “I would recommend this tree to anyone who is tired of spending hours and hours putting up the tree, then hours and hours taking it down,” one person wrote.

Best From Target: Wondershop Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree

Heights: 6 feet
Lights: 250 clear lights

Target’s entire section of holiday decor is always impressive (and affordable), so it makes sense to look there for your Christmas tree. This faux Alberta Spruce stands 6 feet high and comes pre-lit with 250 clear lights—but you can always add more of your own. Its low price lends itself to be a great choice for young families, first-timers, and anyone on a budget. “This was my first tree that I got for my apartment,” said one shopper. “I absolutely love it! Take the time to fluff out the branches well and you won’t be disappointed. Adding in a nice, thick ribbon can help with this as well. It is very inexpensive yet looked so great and feels very stable.”

Best for Guest Rooms: Northlight Seasonal Snow White Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

Heights: 1.5 feet
Lights: 30 multicolored lights

A miniature white Christmas tree might not be the main tree in your home, but it’s great for adding some holiday spirit to spaces that would otherwise go undecorated, like guest rooms. “This is a go-to tree I will suggest for in-room guests,” says Karen Aronian, an education design expert who works with hospitality brands. She suggests you make “it your own with monogram ornaments, garland, skirt, and [a] star atop.” The tree is just 1.5 feet tall with 65 branch tips, and it comes pre-lit with multicolored lights.

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