Take Care of your Elbows to the Train

We always emphasize joint care while we exercise, and while we are very focused on the knee, shoulder or wrist, today we also remember that we must take care to train elbows, a joint that is involved in many movements. 

There are specific conditions that affect the elbow as golfer’s elbow, characterized by pain on the inner side of the joint, there is also tennis elbow, whose symptom is pain on the outer side of the elbow and may grieve these joint weights or train while we perform routinely.


Tips to Take Care Elbows

To care for the elbow in training, as we do with other joints, it is important to implement the following tips:

  • Do not make sudden movements or impulsive in training, because the joint can be demanding.
  • Vary the exercises and perform repetitive motions, because if we use long flexors of the hand and wrist tendinitis can suffer in anchoring these muscles, similarly, if we spend a lot of forearm rotation movements, such as tennis.
  • Do not overload the joint weight to make French press, bench press or funds for example. How much greater is the greater weight is the demand for the elbow.
  • No hyper-flexionar elbows when performing push-ups, triceps funds or bench press when the pressure is increased by the weight load the joint.
  • Do not hyperextend your elbows on the arms movements bear our weight, for example, when doing push-ups in negative phase, or drop the weights when performing bicep curls.
  • Use protection like elbow pads if we walk in skates, skied or rode bicycles at risk of falls, as the trauma also can injure our elbows.

Avoid overloading injuries and the elbow joint is useful in preventing injuries and pains that prevent us from train normally. So, in addition to caring knee, shoulders and wrists, elbows do not forget to train care.

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