Why Your Business Needs Augmented Intelligence

Emilee Geist

The nasal test for Covid-19 requires a nurse to insert a 6-inch long swab deep into your nasal passages. The nurse inserts this long-handled swab into both of your nostrils and moves it around for 15 seconds.

Now, imagine that your nurse is a robot.

A few months ago, a nasal swab robot was developed by Brain Navi, a Taiwanese startup. The company’s intent was to minimize the spread of infection by reducing staff-patient contact. So, here we have a robot autonomously navigating the probe down into your throat, and carefully avoiding channels that lead up to the eyes.

The robot is supposed to be safe. But many patients would, understandably, be terrified.

Unfortunately, enterprise applications of artificial intelligence (AI) are often no less misguided. Today, AI has picked up remarkable capabilities. It’s better than humans in tasks such as voice and image recognition, across disciplines from

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A South Salinas woman builds a design business, one attractive photo at a time. | Face to Face

Emilee Geist

Toni Mogensen recalls sitting on her couch, a colicky newborn and a kindergarten-age son the main focus of her life, and telling her husband that she should just go ahead and do it. She should just post.

As she remembers, it was “about the millionth time” she had made the same statement, and about the millionth time her husband, Bryan Flores, gave her the same response: “Do it then! Pull the trigger, woman!” She hit post on a picture of her living room – a cloudy white sofa loaded with throw pillows, fronting a fireplace mantel decorated with lanterns and small green and white gourds and topped with a painting Flores did, on distressed barnwood, of a giant white pumpkin. Her hashtags: #falldecor #fall #pumpkin #myhusbandcanpaint served as a call out to others in the Instagram design community: She had arrived and she was looking for like-minded friends.

That was

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Small business makes ‘larger than life’ products

Emilee Geist

Many businesses are forced to think creatively right now to adjust to challenges around the pandemic. One small business that’s used to being creative has approached the issues with some inspired ideas.

Great Big Stuff is located in Delaware, owned by Christina and Ed Hoenisch. The company sells what they describe as “larger than life” products that are massively oversized.

Their website sells giant bacon, matchsticks, name tags and other wildly large versions of the regular thing.

“We have giant crayons. So we produce those and we put them altogether. And they are really neat you can customize them too so these have the name of the color on the crayon but a lot of people will decorate their kids’ rooms and put their kid’s name on it as like a great decoration,” explained Christina.

The owners say they personally build about 40% of the objects themselves, in a barn

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Bracing for business: CF couple makes custom braces, prosthetic devices for pets | Local Business

Emilee Geist

CHIPPEWA FALLS — Mike and Sara Antonson never know exactly who their next client at their Chippewa Falls business is going to be.

Their past customers: A six-week-old kitten with a paw injury, a Newfoundland dog and a young lamb.

The couple owns and operates Embrace Orthocare, a small business that makes custom, specially-designed braces and prosthetic devices for injured pets.

The business began several years ago, when the couple’s love of animals intersected with Mike’s longtime career.

Mike has worked at the Eau Claire location of Minnesota-based Winkley Orthotics and Prosthetics for 26 years, and in the orthotics field for over 30.

“For years people would call and ask if they did braces for dogs, and the answer was no,” Mike said of his day job at Winkley Orthotics. “That spurred on my thinking process about designing a brace that would actually work for a pet.”

Mike and a

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Amazon Prime Day 2020 Small Business Deal: Spend $10, Get $10

Emilee Geist

Illustration for article titled Treat Yourself to the Best Small Business Products You Can Buy on Amazon, and Get $10 Back for Prime Day

Image: Amazon

Shop Small Business, Get $10 Back | Amazon

In an effort to support small businesses this Prime Day, Amazon has created an initiative that nets you $10 for every $10 or more you spend with small businesses. “Unfortunately, even if you’d like to pull away from online shopping entirely, it’s not always feasible when you need an uncommon item in a pinch. For those moments, or if you’re too far out to make it into your nearest local shops but still want to help, Amazon will give you $10 to spend on Prime Day for every $10 you spend at select small businesses,” writes Jordan McMahon, Tech Editor at The Inventory.

I’ve put together ten items under $15 you can buy so you can get the credit and support a small business today. These items and this promotion help make treating yourself today possible— because you deserve

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Five Essential Things You Need To Know When Starting Your Business Online

Emilee Geist

By: Cynthia Jones

When you think of starting a small business online, you might become overwhelmed with all the questions you have. At first glance it can seem a bit daunting, but as with anything, all you need to do is take the first step and continue moving forward.

When I first started my business, I thought it would be a lot of fun and I would make a lot of money.  I quickly learned that starting and growing my business would require a lot of work. An idea doesn’t become a business without effort.

Many entrepreneurs understand that it will take effort to create their dream business and have that dream life they are thinking about. But when you start to consider all of the steps necessary to launch your business venture, it can seem overwhelming.

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Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics Market Size 2020 – Growth Opportunities and Trends, Industry Drivers, Business plans with Share, Competitors Analysis, and Global Revenue Forecast to 2024

Emilee Geist

The MarketWatch News Department was not involved in the creation of this content.

Oct 08, 2020 (The Expresswire) —
The “Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Market” report provides coverage of current and emerging market trends, market drivers, and insights offered by industry experts. It offers an in-depth analysis and all the information required by the new entrants and emerging players to stay ahead in the competition. The report examines the overall Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics market size, share, opportunities, historical analysis, technological advancements for the forecast period.

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Market Dynamics:

● Drivers: (Developing regions growing markets) ● Limitations: (Regional, Key Player facing Issues, Future Barriers for growth) ● Opportunities: (Regional, Growth Rate, Competitive, Consumption)

Get a Sample Copy of the Report – https://www.industryresearch.co/enquiry/request-sample/14244668

Key Players Mentioned in the Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Market Report:

● Oracle Corporation ● SAP SE ● International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation ● Microsoft

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What are the Building Information Modeling Software Market opportunities, risk and overview? Fortune Business Insights

Emilee Geist

The MarketWatch News Department was not involved in the creation of this content.

Oct 08, 2020 (The Expresswire) —
According to World Economic Forum, the population of the urban areas goes on increasing by 200,000 people per day. This creates a need of affordable housing, infrastructure, transportation, and in the end the entire society. The infrastructure and urban development (IU) industry thus faces a challenge to transform the engineering and construction sector to make it more cost-efficient construction, on the environment. This can be achieved by improving use of scarce materials or by making the construction eco-efficient.

The solution to transform the Infrastructure and Urban Development industry to overcome above mentioned challenge and embrace digitization isBuilding Information Modeling Software Market Share.This software assists the architects, engineering and construction (AEC) professionals to plan, design, construct and manage the buildings and infrastructure. This 3-D based modeling can also be used for scheduling,

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Tinley Park Couple Creates Business Package For COVID-19 Support

Emilee Geist

TINLEY PARK, IL — Many small and local businesses amid COVID-19 have become victims of the pandemic as well. A Tinley Park couple is trying to help businesses around the area bounce back and grow during these uncertain times.

Geoffrey and Stephanie Pyrzynski created Geoffresh, an online marketing and SEO web design site, designed to help businesses grow online. Geoffrey specializes in technical and mechanical areas, while Stephanie specializes in public relations strategy and design, according to the website. Together, they make a team that can successfully help businesses grow online.

Some packages the couple offer online include:

  • Basic: A $1,000 a month package that includes basic search engine optimization (SEO), up to 10 pages of creation, graphic designs and more.

  • Pro: A $1,000 a month package that includes advanced SEO, active SEO, up to 10 pages of creation, graphic design and more.

  • Executive: A $4,ooo a month package that

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Cryptic Studios interview: Surviving Atari, working with Wizards, and a changing business model

Emilee Geist

Cryptic Studios is entering its third decade in the massively multiplayer online game market, where it started (like everyone else) in paid subscriptions before moving on to the free-to-play model.

In that time, CEO Stephen D’Angelo has seen the company grow from working on one game (City of Heroes) to now maintaining three MMORPGS: Champions Online (Cryptic also owns the pen-and-paper IP after the deal it had with Marvel fell apart and the studio pivoted to another brand), Star Trek Online, and Neverwinter.

And for the first time since the early 2010s, Cryptic is getting ready to release a new game: Magic Legends, which is a more action-RPG take on its MMO model.

I spoke with D’Angelo over the summer about the studio’s history and how Cryptic approaches the business. We talked about how it’s thrived since partnering with Perfect World after the Atari meltdown, how it came to work

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