Suggestion of Training for Biceps

The biceps are perhaps the most admired muscle group in bodybuilding. And no wonder a well-formed biceps and worked equally in both arms, give these important quality and beauty.

However, do not forget that the biceps represent 34% of the volume of the arms; the rest depends on the triceps. So do not forget to also work triceps if you have strong arms and powerful.

Today we propose quick and simple biceps training, although not so little effective.

Biceps training

Alternate biceps curls with supination

Most people tend to begin the training routine with the bar. It’s not a mistake, but start training with dumbbells provide greater stability and also makes exercise both biceps are required unilaterally.

In addition, some athletes say that with this exercise forearms are most popular. There is also a smaller loss on the eccentric contraction exercise. Perform 4 sets of 6 reps.

21 z-bar

This bar is perfect for a classic exercise such as 21. This 21 exercise can achieve a great vascularity by the number of movements executed. Perform 4 sets of 21 repetitions by varying the start and end of exercise. That is, 7 repeats of the horizontal upwards from below 7 to the horizontal and 7 complete. This exercise is like the biceps barbell but using the z-bar.

Alternate hammer curls for biceps

This exercise is useful to work the forearms and biceps the outer portion while increasing the length thereof. Make 3 or 4 sets of 8 repetitions with a load (weight) important. The advantage of this exercise is the large amount of weight that can be used with low risk of injury.

Scott bench

This exercise gives the biceps peak and quality required. Do not forget to do the exercise in full and descend to the fullest. Scott bench injuries are minimized enough to use dumbbells. Perform 4 sets of 8 repetitions. This exercise is like the preacher but dumbbells, alternating arms.

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