Strength Training for Runners

The elevations of trunk in floor are a classic to work the sit-ups in the gymnasium.  We have chosen this exercise for the runner by the easy thing that results to carry out and to need no accessory.  The average zone is very important to work it for the runner, supposes the link between upper and lower train and its strengthening influences a lot in the running technique.

Involvement in the running of the abdominal

Some strong sit-ups suppose the good position of the runner and to avoid consequent and muscular imbalances wounds. The runner is used to having some strong legs; this may change the position of the pelvis in the race, something that the abdominals are responsible to counter.

If during the race we have a weak abdominal zone or tired, the trunk will tend to be gone toward before or to suffer imbalances, appearing failures in the technique of career and doing less efficient the cycle of the stride.  On the contrary, a strong abdominal zone and invigorated they will maintain a correct alignment of the pelvis with regard to the trunk and legs.

Muscles involved in trunk floor elevation

  • Main muscles: straight abdominal.
  • Secondary muscles: oblique and strut of the fascia tin plating.

Execution technique to do crunches on floor

  • We will fall on the floor in a surface neither very hard neither excessively soft.  For the runners very is helped to do this exercise in the lawn of the trail.
  • We will bend slightly the knees and we will support the plant of the feet on the ground. Hands can be placed behind the head, but without pulling on it. Personally, we prefer to put the hands on the chest.
  • We begin to elevate the trunk gently, looking at toward sky or ceiling to avoid inflection of neck.  In every moment the pelvis should remain on the ground, will be the trunk the one that incline.
  • We will exhale in the movement of ascent and we will inspire in the movement of lowering, which should be smooth and controlled.  If we want to intensify the exercise, we will avoid descending completely to falling us.

Safety tips to do crunches

It is a very common error to put the hands behind the head and to help us in the movement of ascent pushing.  This does that repeatedly we bend of abrupt form the neck, being able we appeared the next day inconveniences.  For this reason, we recommend that you put your hands on the chest and that up you look to a fixed point located on the roof, knowing that not flexed neck.

Another aspect that will keep in mind will be that of avoiding setting the feet to the floor.  If someone holds the feet, we tend to do with the iliopsoas strength, a muscle that is inserting in the lumbar vertebrae and to pull on the strong and repeatedly can do until the pain in the lumbar area.

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