Stalemate on Training Progress

The construction of a good musculature is not only fantastic aesthetically but also very motivating for who practice bodybuilding. However, the stagnation in progress is something that will occur sooner or later as the body gets used to the stress imposed with a strong workout.

Sometimes stagnation occurs for over-training and others for lack of proper nutrients, but in most cases it is because the same type of exercise is performed for a long period of time with the false belief that when a routine works is forever.

The reality is that you need to change the training routine when you notice it is not giving the desired or when progress has stopped results. During the different stages through which passes a training routine progress gradually decreases until it reaches a stop.

In this stagnation occurs each person differently and in some progress only decrease, while others begin to oscillate between increases and decreases or stops the progress until it changes and exercise routine.

Learning to overcome this stagnation stage is essential to move forward and leave behind the frustration that causes not see the performance despite the efforts made, being that sometimes the problem is related to the amount of weight used and in others by the series or repetitions of each exercise.

Experts say the best way to break the deadlock is to analyze whether the cause was over-training and in that case it is best to take some time off, while another cause is not time to listen to what the body transmitted as fatigue, lack of motivation or lack of concentration.

Check the type of food also helps to overcome this stage, since it is possible that they are consuming less carbohydrates needed to have enough energy, which is remedied by just adding a little more of these foods in the daily diet.

An unbalanced diet where key vitamins and minerals for muscle growth are obviated can cause this metabolic problem and be reflected in a limit on the plans of sustained growth.

If it concludes that there is no over-training and the diet is adequate only remains to consider some level excited, because the mind plays an important role in such embodiment, be little focus on results may be the key for stagnation, which has to do with the mind and lack of motivation.

Being in a state of stagnation should not be a concern for the athlete as it is possible to overcome obstacles after determining the reason that you installed.

Some solutions to overcome the stalemate:

  • Controlling diet and make sure you have good amount of protein.
  • Change your routine every 3 or 4 weeks but always varying repetitions, rest periods, and change exercises every two sessions.
  • Make training cycles interspersed some very intense and others with moderate intensity in addition to a week of light training seven days high-intensity exercise.
  • Vary training sets and train each muscle group once a week.

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