Spinning Bikes

For the practice of spinning is very important to choose the material with which to perform the exercise. And of course, for the spinning, it is interesting to a good bike. In this case, DKN X-run, is the new version of the DKN technology, which has tried bringing the latest advances in spinning bikes to its latest model.

This is an economical range model, but which, however, is to combine the elements of the best, in order to reduce differences. The ends of steel able to increase its resistance, resembling models exclusive trading range, as well as exclusive bearings ensure maximum comfort.

Obviously, each user of bicycles has different characteristics, and among them, weight is the principal of all. So we have tried to solve this issue. In the case of the bicycle object of our analysis, the Audi engineers have succeeded in extending the brand maximum weight per user, thanks to a super sturdy frame.

But this is not synonymous with discomfort as would be logical to imagine in other models that while solving the problem of assimilating more weight, do not make time for it. It is more comfortable.

As we say, has a higher seat height and depth, which is the key element that gives comfort to the user, which not only solved the problem is weight, but also of comfort. It also took into account the fact bind a higher saddle with proportionality equidistant to the handlebar, which is that this is also self-regulating in height.

This will allow each user to accommodate the entire handlebar position, or is higher or lower, or closer or further away. It also includes a flywheel that weighs 23 kg and is accompanied by triple-layer bearings, a chain of direct transmission and brakes doubles. This contributes to a smooth and quiet.

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