Some Tips to Avoid Stagnation in Training

Surely more than one has been that we have been training for weeks and months and we hardly noticed evolution. This is what is commonly known as stagnation. Many times this is the terror of all we went to the gym. About this time we do a review of several of the reasons why we are stagnating in training and the best ways to remedy this to continue to evolve and make our body respond properly to stimuli that we send through training.

The custom to a routine is what usually happens to most we turned regularly to train, and is usually always use the same exercises, same time, same development … It is important to be aware that the routine should be maintained but that the key to muscle growth and evolution is the surprise that we will constantly give different muscles, as this will enable us to continue to evolve and preventing them get used to one type of training that ends up being routine without more.

Tips to Avoid Stagnation

Stagnation of habit

First we focus on the stagnation of habit, that is, as the name suggests, a custom to follow a regular routine that does not vary. It is true that the first few weeks you begin a routine the results are more visible, but as time passes become less noticeable if we keep the same way of training. This is because the muscles just getting used to a way of working, and what once was an effort and a means to increase its volume, it becomes a routine that simply will not do just to keep toning.

To avoid this simply has to be noted that the training routines should vary, but differently. First you have to change exercises every two months or so, although weekly can substitute one for another having similar characteristics and serve to train the same muscle group. It is important to make these changes in the exercises that we will take to stop so no surprise the muscles and get that they are always in perfect training.

Variations in the routine

Other variations on the routine that we must consider is the charge to use throughout the year; vary it as it will help us achieve a greater impact on the muscles and thus better their development. The same goes for the number of reps and sets that we will perform each year. Thus, not only will include variations by changing exercises, but how to perform them will be different each time, affecting much more in the working muscles and thus achieving further growth thereof.

Appropriate lifestyle

But stagnation is not only due to the routine, but life habits have a lot to do, especially the break, as it is essential to avoid stagnation when the muscles are rested, and that growth will be higher. It is also important to respect the training cycles Respect muscle recovery after these workouts. The same goes for food when getting a smooth muscle, and that it is useless to train and subdue the athletic muscles to stress if not properly feed them to recover and grow.

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