Shoulder Press Combined with Semi-Squat

The rush and the little time available for training is often what make us sharpen our wits and combine various types of exercises to affect different parts at once. This time we are going to teach a different way of working shoulders while we carry out training of legs through the combination of sit-ups with a same exercise shoulder press.

First of all we must remember that to perform these exercises is necessary to control the most of our body at all times and know the different movements we perform both arms and with the legs . It is important to maintain a good coordination, and to move at once both parts of the body is not as simple as it seems, so it is a type of exercise recommended for people who already have a sufficient basis and adequate strength. Even so it is recommended that initially lightly loaded start to get used to the exercise.

Shoulder Press with Semi-squat to Two Legs

First we are going to do is press a hand shoulder doing squats with both legs. We use a dumbbell that we grasp with one hand, for example the right to run. Thus we will stand up, looking forward, back straight and legs slightly apart taking into account that we made slight squat rune, it will not be in any case if we were deep as performing alone.

Maintaining the position described above grab the dumbbell with one hand at shoulder height as if we have to do a shoulder press as usual. As we grab the dumbbell with bent legs start because while we rise the arm up will raise the legs to help lift the weight. Thus what we will do is raise the legs and load, to put us back with your knees bent while lowering the dumbbells back to shoulder height. It is important that this movement is coordinated and that the time to perform that exercise has the desired effect.

Shoulder Press with Semi-leg Squats

As a second option to work both the shoulder and legs which will be a variation of the exercise described above, except that instead of making the semi-squat with both feet flat on the floor, the one leg will do. This time will be the opposite leg to the arm supporting the dumbbell to maintain and better balance. Thus, the leg that is on the side of the arm with the dumbbell remains elevated off the floor throughout the exercise.

The way to perform this second exercise is the same as in the previous one, and we’ll start from the bottom with the leg supported squat and arm up to the shoulder, raising the arm with the dumbbell while we raise the leg. Thus what we achieve is much more influence in the working muscles, especially in the leg, as well as take action trunk stabilizing muscles when balancing.

It is important that we make both exercises with both arms in order to develop each part in the same way. It is important not to make turns or unusual postures that can harm us. To start recommend doing lightly loaded and conduct a four sets of ten repetitions.

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