Reach Dehydration to Mark Muscle, a Fashion with Many Risks

Getting a good muscle definition is something that we look for most of us who work our muscles daily. In recent times, a trend that has proliferated is stop drinking liquids only when the body asks, since there is a belief that in this way get a better definition and less fluid retention. In this post we disprove this belief.

First of all it is necessary to say that such practices pose a risk to our health, especially when playing sports regularly. We must start from the basis that water is essential in the body and it is necessary to consume from half liter to three liters daily, depending on the needs, activity and fluid loss experienced by the body.

A common practice in bodybuilding

It is true that leaving drinking liquids get remove fluid from the tissues and this will make them more noticeable the muscles, but should not be a common practice, much less a habit. This trend has emerged from the disciplines of bodybuilding competition, in which participants consume fewer fluids before the exhibits. Of course, this dehydration is controlled at all times and we can not imitate if a control is not exercised, because the risk is high.

The importance of proper hydration

We need to know that hydration is essential to always and when we do sports, because proper hydration is needed to maintain muscles in good condition, flexible joints and tendons healthy. Also, when playing sports sweating increases and thus the loss of minerals that must be replenished through liquids we ingest.

We can not forget that if our body is in perfect condition, and there are no secondary problems, fluid retention is difficult to occur if we maintain a perfect hydration as it will increase the removal and treatment of the renal system, which the body be regulated in a perfect fluid in all tissues. Poor fluid intake may be the trigger of numerous problems resulting from poor hydration.

It is therefore important that we stop fashion and misconceptions aside and be aware that the body needs hydration, especially when playing sports. We recommend maintaining a constant fluid intake and ideally do it in small sips so that the body can assimilate without any problems and avoid the risk of dehydration and its associated problems.

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