Pre-Exhaustion Method in Bodybuilders

The training of bodybuilders is strong and we all know that, as the system of pre-exhaustion in bodybuilders in them more. To carry it out is needed not only record but also a lot of dedication and effort to reach the goals set and this often causes them to develop different techniques to almost magical results.

For those looking for excellent results in training load and do not have the patience to conventional methods, the pre-exhaustion method in bodybuilders as an alternative optimal.

But everything has its price, because in this system of training if they are not adopted all the necessary care, may consume so excessive, with consequences often disastrous. To begin you should take the utmost care as only you can work one muscle group per workout, with a maximum of 4 series, leaving the rest for a conventional job.

Being also totally contraindicated work different muscle groups simultaneously, because this would produce a hyper-catabolism in the normal consequences of a state of overtraining and excessive accumulation of lactic acid in different muscle groups. For some time there working with maximum load, either pyramidal or parallel sequences, but no point of comparison with this pre-exhaustion method.

Other precautions to be taken, are also necessary for other systems and become indispensable here, are for example a diet high nutritional complexity that can compensate for wear very violent occur in the body, adding certain supplements as well as the WP P11 (after training), GP01 (at night before bed) and RF TEST 05 (before each work in the gym). Without them is unthinkable, try to schedule a muscular work of this nature.

Obviously, the pre-exhaustion for bodybuilders is not a type of program for beginners who have neither the expertise nor the strength of the joint holder that can support explosive muscle growth.

It is also important when working at the limit of endurance, have a general preconditioning, as the same work, because if the structure that will support the hypertrophy is not prepared, the results can be devastating.

The best thing in all circumstances is a professional advice on the advantages and more important of the “disadvantages” that can have this kind of activity.

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