Pillars for Perfect Abs

The abdominals are one of the body parts that most have in mind when looking for optimal muscle development. Always get a flat stomach and well toned is one of our goals when we come to train. We are constantly giving guidelines and exercises that we have emphasized on numerous occasions the key points in achieving a well-toned abs. Nevertheless, we feel the need to remember are the basic pillars for achieving a perfect abdominals.

Surely in most cases we know all the theory, but almost never usually implement for one reason or another. This is very important to simplify the bases to get a six pack abs. Needless crush obsess if this muscle group, because like all muscles of the body must respect its phases of rest to avoid over training. To this must be added the realization and the right choice of exercises best suited to achieve the objectives, as not all are equally effective and beneficial.

Basic pillars for achieving a perfect abdominals:

Muscle training

First a basic pillar on which we will stop is the muscle training. Of course, if there is no proper abdominal training, there will be no proper development in this part of the body.
It is essential to train the abdominal muscles with effective exercises in which we are not on any side of the parties and not bring others. To do divide the exercises focused on the bottom, middle, and upper lateral abdomen. In addition, the exercises will focus on the concentration area we worked while performing.

Aerobic exercise

The aerobic exercise course should not miss. It is one of the best ways to accelerate and achieve a higher metabolism burning calories and therefore fat removal from the body, especially the abdominal wall, since most of the time not appreciated muscles because of the fat which accumulates in this body part. This requires combining anaerobic to aerobic exercise that can be done in different ways and through different activities such as running, walking, cycling … Moreover, all these methods can be performed in different group activities aimed at burning fat, such as spinning, climbing, hiking…


Diet is one of the cornerstones in achieving the perfect abs and well defined, and that is that as we have always said, we are what we eat, and so eat foods low in calories and rich in nutrients is essential and avoid fats that are causing them unnecessary accumulation in the abdomen. Of course we must not abuse alcohol or tobacco, therefore the unique thing that will cause be to accumulate in the agency toxins and slow down fat burning own body and removing them, as well as soft drinks, and we will avoid that the abdominal muscles be appreciated well.

The importance of rest

The rest is another important part to consider when getting a well-toned abdominal muscle, since it is true that recover long before the rest of the body, but nevertheless need rest, so it can not be train every day, but with twice a week is enough to get a correct development of these muscles.

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