Pilates and Fitness: Two Good Friends

Are you among those who think that Pilates is just stretching or relaxation is a class? Nothing is further from the truth. The truth is that Pilates classes, when you perform properly, are hard and very demanding, even for those who are more fit.

Joseph H. Pilates, the creator of the method that bears his name, devised a method of work that follows six basic principles applicable to all sports. Yes, also the fitness. We present the benefits we can get if we apply the principles of Pilates to your workouts with weights.

Performing Pilates Exercise

Concentration during performance

While training, do you think the muscles you’re working or you get distracted by the flight of a fly? Running Pilates exercises, like lifting a barbell or pull a milestone, we must be aware at all times of the parts of our body that we want to exercise. Thus activate the neuromuscular junctions or synapses, which will help us work more effectively.

Body Control

Someone said that power without control is useless… as it was right: the body control is the basis of all sport. If you already know lift with irons that perform the negative phase of the repetitions in a slow and controlled is one of the best ways that exist to stimulate muscle growth. In Pilates the focus is on this negative phase, achieving a high intensity exercise.

Activating the Core or Center

The core or center of the body, known as Pilates Powerhouse, is the core from which all the forces of the body that will become movements to be transmitted to the extremities. Are you doing a chin? Contract your abs, activate your transversus, stabilizes your body and you have much livestock.

Fluency During Exercise

Surely many of you are carrying out functional exercises: a string of moves made by other simpler as, for example, a burpee (chest deflection and vertical jump). A smooth implementation is one in which we see no stoppages between different exercises that form the sequence: it’ll make it when we have a good technique in each of the isolated movements.

Technical Precision

A correct technique when performing an exercise is even more important than the weight you lift in it, because it helps to prevent injuries , isolating the muscles you want to work and save our effort. Without a good technique, for example, on the pole after neck to the shoulder that can be involved instead of the trapeze and dorsal. Learn the basic technique and to apply it in any discipline to achieve the results we expect.

Controlled Breathing

The most important principle of Pilates and which distinguishes it from other disciplines. In Pilates breathing is diaphragmatic and intercostal, and each year has established a breathing pattern that favors the movements to be performed. Generally you exhale or exhale during the effort, as in the weight room. If you want new challenges try to change the rhythm of breathing and try to inspire through the nose during exercise.

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