Addai and Ezra Lewellen, twin brothers who were adopted at age 5 from Liberia in West Africa by Ryan and Stephanie Lewellen, call their Pioneer Panthers community family.

Indianapolis Star

ROYAL CENTER, Ind. – Stephanie Lewellen was a brand-new mom when she watched her twin sons, Addai and Ezra, play their first sport as 5-year-olds in the Pioneer youth soccer league.

Stephanie had no expectations, other than to allow her sons to learn a new sport and an opportunity to make some new friends.

“One of the two — I can’t remember which one now — scored nine goals,” Stephanie said. “At that age, most kids just chase the ball around. Addai and Ezra would pursue where the ball was going to go, not just chase the crowd. I was like, ‘That’s interesting.’ They knew where the ball was going to go. There was something to that.”

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