Nuts for Bodybuilders

Among the best food for bodybuilders we find the nuts. These are not necessarily used as a particular food, but a peck. Usually, you can observe many groups of bodybuilders armed with a bag of nuts to begin training or even in the middle of training.

Proportioning is considered a source of energy, really effective and that is why some use of it just before starting your weights session. Nuts contain less than 50% water and therefore are called nuts. So despite its carbohydrate content are not the worst foods you can take.

Moreover, it is strange to hear a lot of doctor talk about their great contributions to the heart. Containing vitamin E related antioxidants. In addition, contain vitamin B as well as phosphorus and magnesium; make them the ideal food for those vegetarians who want to do without meat. It is not your case.

Other major contributions are selenium and zinc, which help to increase the amount of production of sperm and testosterone in general; it will help your training. Within nuts, almonds, Brazil nuts and hazelnuts are the richest in calcium, which can help in strengthening the bones in the process of decalcification.

Not only to train energy intake is the main benefit that interest us, but also the amount of fiber, helps rapid transit of food, helping you lose weight. It is further stated that delays absorption of sugar, which allows energy and have longer without it being converted to fat.

Perhaps that is the reason why it is not strange to see, not only to bodybuilders, but also athletes from aerobic activities which use the nuts to improve their performance. In short, a basic element of a quality sports nutrition are nuts in any of its variants. Just it is a handful to begin training.

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