Nutritional Limits

We know that to gain muscle you need to eat and poor diet that does not contain specific nutrients will cause muscle growth rate will be less than ideal, but one of the biggest mistakes you have is eating much more than actually required, hoping that somehow it will force your muscles to grow faster, which is very wrong from the physiological concept.

The body has a limited ability to build muscle mass, which is largely dependent on the ability to create new muscle tissue from amino acids from the diet, in fact, you can eat all you want, but not can change the rate at which the body synthesizes new muscle protein, therefore ingest more nutrients than is achieved using not force the body to add muscle mass more quickly, leading to body fat.

You have to imagine being a factory producing mechanical parts, for, if not given the amount of raw material to the workers, decrease the production of parts, and the same goes when you have an insufficient intake of nutrients that eventually impairs growth muscular.

But if you send more raw materials, production can be increased, but only up to a point, because there is a limit to the number of parts to be assembled over a period of time, and although faster workers to develop their activities, sending more and more material will be useless and a waste.

What we mean is you have to eat right, and when it reaches a point of saturation of nutrients, the body must stimulate the mind to know how to stop, because the extra calories are stored as body fat simply, never but never could gain 22 kg of muscle in 6 months or less, and as quoted by Arnold in his book “The Education of a Bodybuilder”, that even if you have an excellent genetic and brutal work done in the gym, only could reach a limit between 10 to 11 kg (muscles and some fat) at 12 months.

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