Nutritional Advice for Diabetics who want to Gain Muscle

We know that diabetes type 2 is a disease closely linked to lifestyle and food that can be helpful to achieve good control of it. So, for diabetics who want to gain muscle and seek to combine diet with adequate hypertrophy and blood glucose levels, we leave some simple and important nutritional advice.

The proteins in the diet of a diabetic looking hypertrophy

Diabetes is a metabolic disease type that can damage other organs if not properly controlled, so that by itself increases the risk of kidney diseases. Therefore, protein in the diet of a diabetic who seeks hypertrophy should not be excessive, it is sufficient to consume from 1.2 to 1.5 grams of protein per kilo of body weight per day.

In addition, you should choose lean protein, such as milk or nonfat yogurt, fresh and low-fat cheeses, lean meats or ideal, egg white. If you are using protein powder whey, you can dissolve it in water, skim milk or equal parts of water and natural fruit juice to swallow after training.

For lipids in the blood do not unbalance the body and move away from common diseases among affected with type 2 such as atherosclerosis, dyslipidemia or high blood cholesterol, ideally always look lean protein diabetes.

The calories and carbohydrates in the diet of a diabetic looking hypertrophy

To gain muscle is essential proteins can be used to repair and build new muscle proteins, therefore, in the diet of a diabetic seeking hypertrophy should not miss carbohydrate and calories, however, should properly choose the sources of these components.

That is, sources of complex carbohydrates with low glycemic index, for example, entire, with skin and fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, pasta or brown rice should be chosen and the dente and also, legumes and integral flours and derivatives.

Regarding calories, they can cover not only hydrates and proteins but also with good sources of fat, such as olive oil, dried fruits or seeds, in addition to helping to not lack energy, help improve blood lipid profile, reverse high cholesterol in the body and protect against cardiovascular events by increasing HDL cholesterol or good blood.

The distribution of diet and other tips to keep in mind

Besides taking care of the nutrient quality and quantity in the diet, so that glucose is kept within proper and stable levels in the body, it is essential to make a correct distribution of intakes.

That is, to ingest nutrients and enough calories without causing imbalances in blood glucose, it is advisable to perform several intakes throughout the day, including in each a source of complex carbohydrates and proteins and fats so not promote the rapid rise in blood glucose or what is the same, to reduce the glycemic index of a meal.

It is also advisable to seek only natural sources of simple carbohydrates and not eat them alone, but combined with proteins, for example, to finish off a workout drink freshly squeezed orange juice with protein powder or ingests skimmed milk with a banana.

Finally, for diabetics looking for hypertrophy is helpful to drink enough water every day, so to promote blood circulation, physical performance during training and also take care of kidney function.

You know, you can not neglect control of your disease and hypertrophy with proper diet. These nutrition tips will be possible to gain muscle if you train for that purpose, and best, increased muscle mass will also help you gain better control of diabetes.

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