Neglected Body Parts Hardly Ever Train

In most cases training routines are usually the same, repetitive exercises that always affect the same body parts. But there are some body parts that usually always forget and almost always never work properly. In this post we will highlight some of these forgotten parts.

As mentioned on previous occasions we need to work the whole body alike to avoid imbalances between trading areas. Why we have these parts always forgotten to keep in mind and not put them aside as it happens frequently.


We’re almost always training for arms and huge biceps triceps and strong, but a part that we often forget we are in the arms forearms. You also need to work because they have great importance when performing other exercises and get more arm strength as well as serving to protect and strengthen the wrists from injury.

The oblique

Another part that we often leave forgotten is the oblique. It is true that this part the work more than the forearms, yet there are still many people who only work the other abdominal forgetting this important part not only give us a better definition in this area, but we also help you get a stronger and more resilient core.

Trapezoids and higher round

Trapezoids and higher round are other muscles that usually leave you forgotten when training. Usually we train other muscles of the back and leave these aside, but are important to achieve a balance in the cervical area and avoid possible pain due to decompensation.


Finally we will highlight an entire muscle group is not to forget, is that we do not often have not considered. It is the legs. It is necessary that we work to achieve a balanced body. But not only that, but also strong legs will give us more power of face to face training routines, as well as help protect bones and joints that make up the legs.

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