More Chest: the Final Exercise

Undoubtedly, the chest is surely the muscle group we like to work for all men. Its position in the upper torso in front, that makes the breast become a kind of business card.

We will never go anywhere without a good rib cage. From huge arms will be worth nothing or a very wide back if our chest is hidden among them. That is why it is essential to exercise this muscle group in the first place.

In addition to its appeal, this is a large muscle group so we need energy early in the week to work it properly. To work and develop the breast correctly, there is an exercise that is above all others: the bench press.

Flat bench press

The flat bench press bar is probably one of the most basic exercises and oldest known. Its execution mode is simple, but it is worth remembering the details. On a flat bench, the most important is the placement of the back for, and then do the exercise with all the guarantees.

To avoid arcing column will place your feet on the ends of the bench supporting plants thereon. That way you get back is aligned. Then, gripping the bar will be slightly wider than shoulder width.

The other key element is to lower the bar until about four fingers of the chest. It is not necessary to lower the bar to the chest, to keep tension on the muscle. Nor fully climb up above. This movement will repeat eight times divided into four series, once a week.

Incline bench press

Version inclined bench press aims to work the upper chest, which is the most attractive part of the chest especially if they look with a scoop neck shirts. In any case, we will continue with dress back and opening the grip is the same as in the flat bench press.

Both exercises thou must include in your exercise routines as bedside chest. No other exercise for the chest will provide the breadth and density that a good work bench.

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