Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales Meme Has The Whole Internet Laughing

Emilee Geist

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is the latest game to get the meme treatment. It’s clear from a recent post on PlayStation’s social media feeds shows that Sony is in a laughing mood. In the meme, Miles is in the role of NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal while doing that shoulder shimmy during a commercial. the Internet has long used this meme interposed with video of a cat moving in a similar motion to denote excitement. Well, Insomniac Games decided to put Miles into the role and take Spider-Cat as an added bonus. Of course, players got a kick out of the idea and it quickly built up steam online. There’s nothing social media enjoys more than a good meme, and this definitely qualifies. Insomniac’s post also demonstrates how they managed to give the young hero his own feel this time around rather than him feeling like a direct rehash of Peter Parker’s journey in the PS4 Spider-Man.

Another source of celebration is the presence of the suit from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse in the game as well. When that reveal came through last week, fans were beyond pleased with the development. The costume actually mimics the look and feel of the film. But, there are other suits available for Miles and Javier Garron spoke to about some of them.

“You have all the classic elements from the Spider-Man lore: the webs, the pointy-shaped big eyes, the spider logo. I wanted to have a new take on the mythos, design-wise, but always trying to keep it coherent and part of the larger picture,” Garron told the site. ”There are those elements that make Miles unique as a Spider-person. Black and red colors. The sport accessories and vibe in some iterations of the suit. I tried to be as aware as possible of how design in games is now in. Try to make it current and vibrant. Unique but definitely Spidey.”’s Jamie Lovett enjoyed his time with the PS5 launch title. Check out what he had to say down below:

“Even so, Spider-Man: Miles Morales tells an intimate, emotionally resonant superhero story about a young hero trying to live up to the role models that inspired him and do right by the community that supports him. The subtle marriage of gameplay progression to themes helps make the story that much more engrossing. The boss fights could be more impressive, and the side content can, at times, feel perfunctory. But the game is fun, poignant, and powerful all the same. Spider-Man fans should be swinging high while playing.”

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